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Jackson Township's present schools are listed first,
followed by former schools, listed alphabetically.

Cambria County Christian School

  • Cambria County Christian School
    Phone (814) 749-7406
    561 Pike Road Johnstown, Pa. 15909
    Worldwide web page

Mundys Corner School

  • Now known as Jackson Elementary School, it's part of Central Cambria School District
    Grades K-5
    Phone (814) 749-8421
    3704 William Penn Highway, Johnstown, Pa. 15909

Former Jackson Township schools
• Burkhardt School

  • Now the private residence of longtime Jackson Township teacher Charles Maus and his wife, now retired.

• Chickaree School

  • Top of Chickaree Mountain, Route 22.

• Gray School

  • The former Gray School, located on Old Route 22 just past the old Clete's Tire.

• Jack Rager School

  • David Caldwell, who attended Jack Rager School, believes the small photo insert, made available by Charles Maus, is of it. The smaller photo is superimposed on a recent photo of the road on which it stood, on Ford's Corner Road. David writes: "The relationship of the school to the road fits, as does the angle from which the picture was taken. The location of the chimney is right also. The number of windows on the sides shown also seem right. There was a coal/wood bin in the basement and the windows for access to it seem to be in the proper place. The road to the right of the building would be the Ford's Corner Road. The road along the near side of the building would be the road that goes back to where the water storage tank is now. Back then, it went to the strip mine. One thing that doesn't seem to fit is the peak that faces to the side where the chimney is. At least, I don't remember a peak being there. The entrance would have been on the side opposite the wall with three windows. The seats faced toward the side where the chimney is." He later showed the photo to two other alumni of the school, Irene and Jim Little, and they both confirmed that it is Jack Rager School.

    If you have additional information, please write to Jackson Township Home Page. For an essay about school days at Jack Rager, see David Caldwell's essay, here. The article includes a photo of a 1947 class at the school. UPDATE: On May 15, 2003, David sent another copy of that photo, reproduced below, with a revised caption to supplement his June 30, 2002 essay on Jack Rager School, which follows.

Row 4: Steve Sabo, Bob Rager, Ken Ambrose, Bernard Ambrose, Bobby Croyle, Albert Rager, Robert Seese, Dean Little, Joe Cruly, Gaythorne Lightcap. Row 3: Gene Seese, David Warner, Harold Mitchell, Ruth Dixon, Esteer Dixon, Rita Teeter, James Loupe, Eddie Teeter, Max Rose Row 2: Carol Dishong, Janet Pearson, Frances Hessler, Eva Mae Teeter, Janet Lashinsky, Eileen Smith, Helen Sabo, Geraldine Zelinsky, Nellie Holland, Alice Toth, Patsy Michaels, Donna Holdsworth, Mary Valko Row 1: Jim Little, Russel Rose, Devoe Holdsworth, Earl Dishong, Joe Toth, Bob Toth, Nelson Lightcap, Tom Cruly, George Seese, Harry Rager, David Caldwell, Chalmer Dilling Teacher: Mrs Patterson Other teachers that year, not shown, were Mrs. Morris, Miss Reese, Mrs. Reese, Mrs. Campbell.

The names for this picture were submitted by Rita (Teeter) Irwin. She noted that she was an organized child and had written the names on the back of the picture.

• Teeter School

  • No information available. The photo below, taken when the school was open, is from the Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum and Historical Society CD-ROM, Life in the Valley. Click here for more information on the CD. Please contact the webmaster if you have information about the school or the photo.

• Vinco School

  • 200 Adams Avenue, Mineral Point, PA 15942.
    Now houses a District Magistrate's office/court and the Jackson Township Senior Activity Center.
Photos by Judy Rose

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