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How the school pages work, and how you can help

The lists for classes shown on this site are dependent on volunteer participation of class members to send in the lists via email. Please read details below. The Nanty Glo Home Page Internet server doesn't support interactive forms (that is, forms that you can fill-in within a web page, and "post" directly to the page, like a Guestbook entry, for example). Therefore, all submissions should be sent via regular email to the webmaster (use the email link below—it brings up a "form," but one that goes through regular email, not that posts directly to the page as an interactive form would). Either type the information directly into the email, or tell us what you're sending and which Blacklick Valley school and class it applies to (class of 1981, for example), and attach it to the email as a file. If you have lengthy typing already existing (say, an entire class list), another option is to copy it from its original source and "paste" it directly into the email.

We use names, cities or towns of residence (we don't use street addresses or zip codes), occupation (or retired, or deceased, if that is known about a classmate), and email addresses if they are known. If you have a personal web page, we will make your name an active link to it, at your request only. If you don't have a personal page but would like to, we'll give you one. It can be anything from your "business card" to your "resume" (either a formal one as for employment purposes, or an informal one just recapping your highlights since you left school). I have both types on my web site. Go to for the informal one, and it will link you to the "professional" one, if you'd like to look at them as examples.

Photos of your class or school- or reunion-related activities are also welcome. They should be in file format; see your public library or a local Internet Cafe or a business services store like Kinko's if you don't have access to a scanner.

Though we're grateful for lists received in any condition or form, mistakes and all, if you want to help, here are some things that will make it easier to get them online faster:

List the names alphabetically, first name first.

John Abel
Jane Buck
Joe Carnes

List women by their maiden name in alphabetical order, followed by their married names, if you know them, out of order.==

Joe Carnes
Mabel Deffenberg Wilson
George Diehl

Do not use any parentheses around the maiden names—no ().

If you know town or city, occupation, and/or email address, list this way: Jake Essen Connemaugh retired teacher

Don't give additional address details. I feel it's not appropriate to publish them, especially without permission. If anyone has a known online personal home page, please do include it. For example, after the above info, you could add: And of course it's Nanty Glo, not Nanty-Glo.

Again, if you already have lists in some file format, don't worry about these niceties, but they will speed the process if you're able to follow them.

And, if you really want to be helpful, you may find this information of interest: We follow the Associated Press style guideline that says, "if it's this state, don't mention it." In other words, under towns and cities, we put state initials (and we're preferring the two-letter Postal abbreviations like PA and OH), but if the town is in Pennsylvania, we don't put PA after it. Especially if it's a local town or a city like Reading or Pittsburgh. The exception would be ambiguous town names like Danville, of which there's one in many states, or Janesville, which is better known even in Pennsylvania as a Wisconsin city than a Pennsylvania small town. And put PA after Indiana and the town of Washington, as these are always ambiguous. So...Janesville, PA; Washington, PA (or DC, if it's the other one) and  Indiana, PA, yes, but Vintondale, Holsopple, Phoenixville, Paoli, and of course, Nanty Glo, stand alone.

Again, all contributions of pages or items for the pages are appreciated very much. Thanks for your participation.


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