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This page by Tim McCullough

In response to September 11, 2001, attack on America


Patriots and Heroes All

This is a time of tribulations and grief.
This is a time of Patriotism and love for our country.
These things we know are true.
To those who has lost a love, a husband or wife, a child or a friend,
We feel grief and pain for you.
For those whose sad and grim task is to recover the many lives lost,
We feel pride and appreciation for you.

As the song says, "this is the end of the innocence."
America will never be the same.
For all those who go in harmís way everyday,
We say thank you and Godspeed.
We shall never take our freedom for granted again.
For our President, we say God Bless you in this time of bringing our country together to fight this
menace we now know does not care whose innocence they take.
Myself a retired Navy Vet saw untold tragedy in Vietnam and during our struggle with another
fanatic, Saddam Hussein.

Waving Old Glory and chanting USA is appropriate in these trying times; however, should it take a national disaster such as we experienced on September eleventh to love our country and be patriotic?
Americans should never take lightly the freedom we all enjoy and cherish.
America is united as a people as never before.
This is a time we all should reflect on what being American means.

Those who have sacrificed and those who are about to sacrifice, we offer a prayer to you, and hope.
To our wonderful men and woman who defend our country, which I am proud to say I was and still am a part of, we all wish you success in your mission to bring those responsible to justice. We know you will be successful. May God bless you and keep you as you go to bring these foes of democracy to justice.

What makes a hero? They come in all forms. Heroes donít consider themselves as such. In the past week there has been too many heroes to count. People donating blood, time, money and food to aid in relief efforts should be considered as heroes. The job doesnít have boundaries of race, creed or color. The brave policemen and firefighters of New York are great heroes. There are none better.

As America marches forth it should be realized that there is no end to our strength and resolve as a nation.
Remembrance of those whoís live was taken and strength to our government and our fellow Americans.
God Bless America!

—Tim McCullough