April 15 1998            

Ghost Town Trail changes owners

A local tourism group meeting in Ebensburg on Tuesday produced the news that the Ghost Town Trail in Cambria and Indiana Counties is changing ownership from "Norcam" to the Cambria County Conservation and Recreation Authority. The 16-mile-long trail, opened in 1994, draws approximately 75,000 users per year. "We're doing this to help with the trail development, not only the Ghost Town Trail, but also other trails in the county," said Norcam spokesman Jerry Brant. "We feel the two organizations (Norcam and the Conservation and Recreation Authority) working together can accomplish more than each of us working separately."

The Trail, which gets its name from the fact that it bisects the coalmining "ghost town" of Wehrum in Indiana County, follows the Revloc branch of Blacklick Creek, at Nanty Glo, to Vintondale, where the Revloc branch meets the creek's north branch, and then to Dillown. Though it is often thought that Wehrum became a ghost town because everyone moved away with the mine's closing, actually the town was owned by the mining company which evicted all its residents when the company went out of business.

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