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April 11, 2013

Looking for a Tom Valeria

I am trying to help my cousin get in touch with his father, Tom Valeria. I'm not sure I have the correct spelling of the last name. We last knew of him to live in Colver.

Jen Newman

February 19, 2013

Seeking McCulloughs and Hackathornes

Last year I ran into some McCulloughs who live in Colorado Springs, CO. When I told them I had McCullough relatives from Beaver County, PA, they said they too had relatives in PA...Nanty Glo specifically. I can't remember their names, but the gentleman said his father went to high school in Nanty Glo and was killed in the Vietnam war.

If you know who I am talking about, would you please send me any information on this McCullough and any of his family.

Did any Hackathornes ever live in Nanty Glo?

Thank you,
Anna Marie Wheeler
Pueblo, CO


November 19, 2011

Seeking early photos of class of 1929

My Dad, Thomas Hopkins, was a member of the Nanty Glo High School class of 1929. He died in 2000. He would have been 100 this month if he were still alive. I do not have a picture of Dad before 1937. I was wondering if anyone would know where I could find a school class picture or any picture from the school showing my Dad.

Thanks for any help you could give me.

Thomas M. Hopkins
145 Hiawatha Tr.
Lock Haven, PA 17745


November 7, 2011

Looking for Glenn Salyards, class of 1965

Can someone please help me find my old friend Glenn. We were in the Army together in Germany in 1966-67. Over the years I have lost touch with him. The last time I talked to him, he was a photographer for school pictures. If anyone can help me locate him I would be so happy. Thanks to anyone who can help. Weharris@embarqmail.com

Brian McKenzie


April 11, 2011

Looking for Ragley Lumber mill photos


I am the nephew of Walter Ragley, son of M.G Ragley of Ragley lumber and was wondering if you had any more pictures of the M.G. Ragley Lumber mill before it burned? I saw the only one was the one in the winter of 1945 by the feed mill. I am interested in any photos you may have of the lumber mill before the fire of 1974. You can email me at brian.mckenzie@genon.com if you have any pics that are available.

Thanks for your time,
Brian McKenzi


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October 27, 2009

Looking for info on Yeagers, Pergrins

My Father-n Law was Robert Lewis Yeager, Class of 1958. He passed away 1/29/2003. He married Donna Elaine Mickey who was in the class of 1965. Donna lives in Madison, Pennsylvania. She just retired from being a nurse's aide for 20+ yrs. I am Mrs.Robert L.Yeager Jr. Also My father-n-law's grandparents were AMANDUS C. YEAGER 1883-1959 (not sure how accurate dates are) Cambria Co.+MARY ELLEN PERGRIN 2/7/1876-1947 Jackson Township. Mary Ellen's parents were John Pergrin 10/14/1804-2/8/1868 Jackson Twnship + Catherine Wagner-11/5/1817-8/24/1886 Huntington,County. Please help me w/ anything else. I'm trying to do a family tree, but I also wanted to update your NantyGlo-Vintondale Classes.

Thank you for your time
Cindy Yeager

June 12, 2005

1943 Nanty Glo High School Yearbook

I am looking for a copy of this yearbook for my aunt "Betty" Phillips Kukucka, a member of this class. Betty did the artwork in this yearbook and I would love to find an actual copy of it to present to her. If you know of, or can help me locate one along with the cost for her I would deeply appreciate it. My home e-mail address is Genob62@hotmail.com.

Thank you in advance!
Geno Bartoletti

November 28, 2004

Wants information on Bender family

I'm looking for any information about the Bender family. My great-great-grandmother Anna Bender Morgan was said to have come from Nanty Glo, somewhere up toward Portage/Cambria area. Recently, I found your website and figured this must be it. Anna's parents are Michael Bender and Barbara Kass (which I just recently got from her obit in the McKeesport Daily News). I would be interested in any information you could provide including any living releatives. I may reached at williamb@pcmall.com.

Helen Brodnos


February 26, 2003

Looking for former Nanty Glo pen pal, Erin Sherwood

I am trying to get back in touch with an old pen pal I used to have. Her name was Erin Sherwood and she grew up in Nanty Glo. My brother used to write to her sister although he can't remember her name. I used to live in Yorkshire in England but have now moved to London.

We wrote to each other throughout the eighties but have now lost touch. Through my work, I now spend a lot of time in the US. I am, in fact, in Nashville as I write this, and would love to catch up with her by e-mail. If you or anybody you know can help me, I would love to hear from you.

Neil Ratcliffe

January 25, 2003

Identifications sought
for women in photo

Can anyone identify the women in this photo? I am pretty sure that the woman on the left is Diana (Shuman) Jones, and after looking at the photos on your site I think that the woman on the right is her sister, Rachel (Shuman) Wagner. My father had thought that the other standing woman was Diana's daughter, Anne Rachel, but wasn't at all sure. I was thrilled to find a photo of Philip and Diana Jones' homestead on your site. They were my great-grandparents.

Joyce Collins


December 4, 2002

Mystery men having beverages in the woods

Click the photo to open a larger version

The attached photo has been a favorite of mine ever since I can remember looking at it in my grandparents' home when I was a young boy. The strange thing is I never asked who the people in the photo were when there were people around who would know. I recently asked my aunt if she knew any of the people in the photo and the only one in the photo she "thinks" she can identify is the young man kneeling in the front center of the photo. She "thinks" it is my grandfather's brother, James Whitsell. James was born in 1886.

Based on my "best guesses," the photo was taken somewhere in the Nanty Glo/Twin Rocks area circa 1910. I was wondering if any "Web Visitors" might have some old albums in their possession with pictures that might match the gentlemen in the picture. It might be fun to find out. It seems to me that the men are taking an impromptu beverage break while at a family-type outing. They look pretty dapper and they are using whatever is handy (e.g., lunch bucket parts) to hold their beverages. It might be fun to see if anyone can identify the them.

Best regards,
Wes Hakanen

October 18, 2002

Oriental and Stardust Ballroom photos

My father, Rod Nelson, grew up in Gallitzin, which was mentioned in Frank Charney's article (February 2001) entitled, "Play the Old Songs." My father married my mother who was from Altoona. They both have told me and my siblings about many happy times at the Oriental and Stardust ballrooms when they were dating way back when. My mother's 75th birthday is coming up and I'm in the midst of putting together a video to celebrate her life and I'm in search of any photos of both the Oriental and Stardust ballrooms. Do you have any idea where I might find some pictures of either or both?

Thanks for any help you might provide,
Mike Nelson

October 17, 2002

Old friend sought

Was wondering if anyone knows how to reach Melissa Kerekish, '92 BV graduate; '97 (I think) graduate of PSU, last known to be living in Harrisburg.

Thank you,
Stephanie Mehalko

October 17, 2002

Belgrade, Serbia, origin

My paternal grandfather came to Johnstown in the early 1900's. He was from the Belgrade area, Serbia. He was married to Cevja Culibek. Their children: Luba was born in 1908; my father, Milan, was born in 1910, and George or Jorge was born in 1917. They were baptised in the Serbian Orthodox Church in Johnstown. At the time, their name was spelled Petricich. My grandfather died in Johstown, but was buried in Little California. I would like to know the names of his parents, which appeared on the death certificate. Also, if possible, the baptismal records from the Serbian Orthodox Church in Johnstown.

Mary Ann Januszka

October 17, 2002

Nantyglo, Wales, origin


My name is Stacey. In the long process of tracing my ancestors, I have discovered that my g-g-great-grandmother is from Nantyglo. Her name was Sarah Jones, born in 1854. She immigrated to the USA about 1883 and died in 1900. Do you know of a site where I might be able to find her parents and sibling information? Also, what county is Nantyglo in? I would like to have this for my records. Thank you for any information you would be able to give.


Webmaster's reply: Nantyglo, Wales, is in County Gwent, UK (formerly Monmouthshire), and is part of Blaenau Gwent municipal authority and is north of the cities of Cardiff and Newport (the latter is also in Gwent). A page of maps for that area is linked here.

October 17, 2002

Blaina, Wales, origin


I am looking for information on The Edwards family. My great-great-great aunt Elizabeth Edwards was born in Blaina, Wales, in 1883. If any one has any information on her or her family I would greatly appreciate it.You can email me at leckert@telusplanet.net. I have been running into dead ends searching the internet. I would like to know her parents names, what they did for a living,where they died etc.

Thank you,

October 17, 2002

Cambria County family ties

I have been researching some branches of my family tree in the Cambria County area. Is anyone researching the Fulcomer [Folckemer] family, the Sanderson family [Isabelle Sanderson married David Harris] , or the Harris family? Some of the families married into the Shomo family — Clara Belle Harris married Millard Filmore Shomo. Sarah Jane Harris married George Curtis Fulcomer [from Bolivar, Indiana County].

Ken Fulcomer

October 17, 2002

Burial Location for Hugh Dillon

I understand my grandfather [Hugh Dillon] died in Nanty Glo. He was Catholic, born about 1877; died 1930-1955. If you can help me, I would appreciate it.

Bill Huether

October 16, 2002

Remembers Kovach Taxi

I read Shirley Bracken Kozlovac's article about Twin Rocks. My great-grandfather was Steve Kovach. His son's ran the taxi service which she mentioned. I do have a photo of the taxi and would like to share it with Shirley. I would like to contact Shirley if possible.

Thank you,

Note: I don't have an email address for Shirley. I hope she sees this and replies. —Webmaster

October 6, 2002

Reply to Vintondale High School question

To answer the question on the Vintondale High School, the building at Lovell and Second Streets was built between August 1927 and January 1928. It became a four- year high school that spring. Previously, students attended the three-year high school in the Delano Building that was located on the hill above the Catholic Church. It burned in 1930 and was replaced with a four-classroom brick building. Hope this clears things up.

Denise Weber

October 3, 2002

A Sugar Camp and Gillin Mine found

Wondering if Wanda Gillin Barrett ever found "Sugar Camp" and the mine. I believe I have, as a mine fitting the description as to distance and up the hill, etc. is located near here. The name of the mine was "Sugar Camp."

The "Sugar Camp" mine was located next to St. Charles Cemetery (Twin Rocks). The main opening was taken out when Harry Keilman strip-mined that area. One opening is left, almost directly across from the entrance to the cemetery. Last used by Lanzendorfer Coal Co. About a mile around the hill and behind the former Blue Star Hotel (Blue Star Curve) was the Gillen Mine (also called the XYZ Mine). I have an old McFadden Map showing the mine location.

Desmond Warzel

October 3, 2002

Question about the date of Vintondale High School building

I was unable to enter my mother's name in your high school update. Her name is Ruth MacDonald. Her maiden name was Ruth E. Woodward. She graduated from Vintondale High School in 1925. My mother is 93 and in good health. She lived in Wehrum and attended high school in Vintondale. After graduation, she moved to Cleveland and became a nurse. She now lives in Seattle. She has fond memories of Vintondale.

She has a question. The date over the door on the high school is 1927. She says she graduated from that building in 1925. Do you know the answer? I would appreciate any information you could provide.

Rick MacDonald

Webmaster's reply: all updates for class pages must be sent by email to the webmaster@nantyglo.com; there is no way to automatically enter it directly. I have no information about the school building date, but hope one of our readers can get back to you or all of us on this. —jk

June 8, 2002

Researching Cambria County family ties

I have been researching some branches of my family tree in the Cambria County area. Is anyone researching the Fulcomer [Folckemer] family, the Sanderson family [Isabelle Sanderson married David Harris] , or the Harris family ? Some of the families married into the Shomo family—Clara Belle Harris married Millard Filmore Shomo. Sarah Jane Harris married George Curtis Fulcomer [from Bolivar, Indiana County].

Ken Fulcomer

June 5, 2002

Mystery ring

The attached ring was in the personal effects of Margaret McHugh of Nanty Glo who died in 1999. It may have belonged to someone in her extended family; she was the family historian and archivist. The center of the ring is a red circle with the initials "LFC." Around this is a blue band with the words "Pocono Mountains Founded 1922." Any insight into the origin and significance of the ring appreciated.

Chad P. McHugh
San Antonio, Texas

June 5, 2002

Burial place of Hugh Dillon

I understand my grandfather died in Nanty Glo. He was Catholic, born about 1877, died 1930-1955. If you can help me, I would appreciate it.

Bill Huether

June 2, 2002

Know the dog, but who is this 'mystery Bud'?

Looking for information on the individual, "Bud," in the attached photos. As indicated in one of the photos, it may be a class of '40, but have no idea what school. Apparently, he became an Army officer. Dog's name is "Mickey."

Chad P. McHugh
San Antonio, Texas

February 10, 2002

Blacklick Township Class of 1943

HELP! The Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum and Historical Society has been given a gift of a 1943 Blacklick Township High School banner. It is in wonderful shape and will be a real treasured gift. I went onto the list of classes on the Home Page but found no one in 1943... Is there anyone out there with any information on this class?

Much appreciated!

Barb Hakanen
NTAMHS Chairperson

January 23, 2002

Graves of two young girls

My great-grantfather, Elmer Sandahl, immigrated from Sweden in 1905-1907 and settled first in Nanty Glo, Pennsylvania, to work in the coal mines. While they were living in Nanty Glo, two young daughters died. One of the names was Karen Sandahl and I'm not sure about the other. These deaths would have been between 1905 and 1910. Can anyone point me in the right direction? My family knows nothing about Pennsylvania, but my mother (daughter of Linnea-Mildred Sandahl) and I are planning a trip this summer and if anyone has any information, we would be pleased.

Thank you,
Sharron Erickson

January 13, 2002



Interesting that I happened on this site about the Nanty Glo mine. I was doing some geneology lookups on Blairsville and Blacklick Township and found this web page. I noticed the Davis brothers served as postmasters in the early part of the century and have just put two and two together. My Grandfather used to tell me about relatives that worked or owned a Cardiff mine in Pennsylvania, but never knew more than that. I do know that my family split up in 1805 and my line stayed in Connecticut and the other brother, Stewart Davis, moved to Blacklick along with his father-in-law, Amos Lawrence. Stewart became quite well to do in town, serving as justice of peace and other town positions. His son, Chester, was an auctioneer in them parts for over 50 years. Was quite a big family as far as I know. Some are buried in Blacklick, others in Blairsville. They are some of the earliest settlers in that area. These Davis brother are perhaps some relation to me.

Thanks for posting this info—any information on the web helps to put the giant puzzle together.

John Davis

December 25, 2001


I was informed that there is a homeschoolers group in Nanty Glo, but no one seems to know anything about it. Do you have any information about it, such as a contact person, a telepnone number, their meeting place, an email address, or anything else that may help me to find this group? I live in Vinco and it would be nice to join a local group. Presently, I attend the homeschoolers group in Richland, but would like to meet homeschoolers close to home. I appreciate any information you can give me. My telphone number is 322-3209.

Karen Budzinas

December 25, 2001

Aunt, Ruby (Thomas) Hallman, others

I would like any info on my aunt Ruby (Thomas) Hallman. She grew up in Nanty Glo. Last known address was Ebensburg. Ruby's parents were Florence and Elmer Thomas. Also, any of her children. I know where only one son is. The other ones are Frank, Mark, Sherry, Tina. They are all in their late 30's and early 40's.The girls were adopted out at ages 3 and 5. Also, my grandfather, Ed Fye adpoted a girl, Dorothy Jenkins Fye. She is in her early 50's. She was adopted by my grandparents, Ed and Lula Fye of Nanty Glo. Raised in Nanty Glo, left in/around 1972 and was last seen in Johnstown.

Judy (Fye) Shultz

November 11, 2001

Former Nanty Glo friend, P. Porias

I found your address in the guestbook about Butler, PA poems. My family is from Barnesboro. We had close family friends from Nanty Glo. I have lost contact with them over the years. The family name was Porias. They had a daughter named Prudence who would be in her late 40's now. She is probably married now. Her father was a dentist named Charles who died much too young. I think I last saw her at either my aunt's or my grandmother's funeral. If you know her, will you let me know?

Janet Daugherty Drysdale

November 11, 2001

Yokitis, Vaisu/Washe

My name is Vince Yokitis, I was born in 1943 and I'm trying to locate any relatives I may have. To begin, my grandparents, Petras VAISU (was changed to WASHE) by their oldest daugter, Anna H. My grandfather was born 1879 and died 1943 in Cumbola, Pa. My grandmother, his wife, was born Ellena (have no maiden name) in 1881 and died in 1940. They both came from Lithuania and had 8 children, one of whom was my mom Mary (WASHE).

My dad's parents: Joseph Yokitis, born 1879 and died in 1953. My grandmother, Petronella (PIRLUKUTUS) Yokitis was born 1883 and died 1961. They lived in Greytown, Pa. After my grandfather died, my grandmother moved in with my aunt (her daughter, Nell Condrack). My grandparents had 5 children, one of which is my dad, Vincent A.Yokitis, who is now deceased.

All my relatives on my dad's side are deceased, except for my Aunt Nell Condrack from St. Clair, Pa. She is 84 now. All my relatives on my mom's side are all deceased, including my mom, who passed away in 1996. She lived with me. ,I have a brother, Gregory Charles Yokitis. He was born in 1955. Every time I go to ancestry.com and punch in Yokitis, I get everyone's death notice, and my grandfather Joseph doesn't even come up, only his son, my uncle Joseph. The same happens on my mom's side. I punch in Vaisu or Washe or Yehaitis 0 comes up. On my mom's parents' tombstone is VAISU, but everyone else is YOKITIS.

Apparently, I have no other relatives out there. I have alot of cousins: Reading, Pa.; Mountoursville, Pa.; Rochester, NY, and Bethesda, MD. That's not counting my cousns' children. I'm at a dead end. My wife typed in ancestry.com, typed in one surname, and got about 8 pages of descendants. I don"t know if my mom's dad or my dad's dad had a Social Security number. That's why, when I punch in Joseph Yokitis I keep coming up wit my uncle Joseph Yokitis and he had a son still living yet, also named Joseph. Could it be possible I have no other living relatives here in USA? As I said, both my mom's parents and dad's parents came over from Lithuania. Is it possible I could have descendants over therere, and if so, is there a way I can find out?

Tell me what to do, and how can I find out my mom's mother's maiden name. Thank you for your help.

Vince J. Yokitis
8 Judy Dr, Cressona, Pa. 17929

November 11, 2001

Jimmy Barger, mine death c. 1944

My Uncle "Jimmy" Barger was killed in a coalmine in Cambria County when he was only about 24 years old, about 1944. His father was James Barger, mother was Rachel Ann Anderson. Is he in Mountaineer Herald obituary? I have more questions about my ancestors there, especially in Ebensburg, but some in Nanty Glo.

Many thanks in advance for your kindness.

Carol Hawkins
906 W. Huisache #215
San Antonio, TX 78201

(Daughter of Marcella Belle Anderson-Lowmaster-Barger-Hawkins, grandaughter of Rachel Ann Anderson. I have no one living to help me with mother's side of family for geneology. Jimmy Barger was mother's only brother [half brother].)

November 11, 2001

Job Francis

I visited your town last July in search of my grandfather's relatives. He immigrated to America in 1879 and in my youth he often talked about his early years in the mines around Nanty Glo. I spoke to a man named Bronwyn(?) Francis, which is the same surname as my grandfather's, Job Francis. He could not give me any information on his ancestors. Do you have any help on tracing my roots such as old church records? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Donald Welby
Mail address is 53 Franklin Ave. Souderton, Pa. 18964 USA

September 15, 2001

Info on Elmhurst

Originally from Ebensburg, seeking information on Elmhurst. Few details, but I do know that it is on Rt. 22 around Ebensburg. Any ideas?

Tracy Hawbaker

September 13, 2001

Mary-Lou Emerson (Garvie)

Hello, my name is Marie Serignano and would appreciate finding the whereabouts of Mary-Lou Emerson (Garvie). We worked in the Pentagon in late '40's and I was her Maid of Honor. She may have returned to Nanty Glo to reside with her children. My email Address is Josefina@surry.net. Please help me find her. Thanks.

September 5, 2001

Merle Pisaneschi

My name is Earl Christensen. I graduated from Officers Candidate School in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, in 1953. We are trying to locate a member of our class. Merle Pisaneschi was one of the class members. He listed 211 Third Street Vintondale as his address at that time. He would have graduated from high school 1947-1951. If there is any way you can help me locate this person it would be greatly appreciated.

Chris (Earl) Christensen
3466 W. Holland Lake Rd.
Sidney, MI 48885



Maybe someone can help me. My grandfather and grandmother lived in Nanty Glo. My mother was born there: Elma Hankinson and Edla Hankinson were twins born March 17,1929. Their mother died in childbirth. There were 18 children.

My grandfather was Morris Hankinson. I'm told that maybe some of the children, or all, may have gone to an orphanage. My mother was adopted from the orphanage by a Boyles family, her sister by the Gello family of Greensburg. Please try to help me.

Thank you,
Cheryl Ulrich

July 19, 2001

Buelah information

I heard that Buelah Road was once a pretty nice community with stores and even a boarding house. When was this and where can I get any information on this little area of our fine community? Are there records of births, deaths, and marriages taking place in the community? What other vital information can I find about it and where. Thanks for any info.


Webmaster's note: Buelah was a town, a mile or two down Buelah Road from Rt. 22, that began around the beginning of the 19th Century, in competition with Ebensburg for countyseat of the newly created Cambria County. Ebensburg won, and Buelah eventually died out. I have no additional information, however. I remember only that there was a state historical marker at the site of the town and there was also a graveyard still there when I was a boy (c. 1950). If anyone has additional information, it would be good to add it to the Page. I'm sure the Ebensburg Historical Museum could provide additional details.

June 17, 2001

Former Penelec coworkers

My name is Ted Fisher and I'm from Somerset, Pennsylvania. I've lived in Rochester Hills, Michigan, since 1979. After graduating from Carnegie Tech in Pittsburgh in 1967 (the last class before it became Carnegie-Mellon University), I went to work for Penelec in their System Engineering Department on Broad Street in Johnstown. I worked for a great guy named Joe Senuta who was in charge of protective relaying (fault protection) for transmission lines and substations. He had a young assistant, whose name I have forgotten, who lived in Nanty Glo.

I'd like to make contact with any of several men who worked in Systems Engineering at Broad Street in 1967:

Joe Senuta
Paul Paulochek (or Palochek - spelling is uncertain) of Windber
Owen Legg of Johnstown
Tom Simonich of Woodvale

If you know anyone in the Nanty Glo area who worked at Penelec in the late 1960's, would you please pass along my name and email address in case they would be willing to assist me in my search.

By the way, I get back to visit my mother and stepfather in Somerest (Peggy and Telford Whipperman) once or twice each year and usually make it a point to get to Johnstown. When I do, I always drive by Penn Traffic and the Penelec building on Broad Street where my engineering career began. As one of your readers noted, it is sad indeed to see the Broad Street building empty and the Reliant Energy sign out in front. I always thought that Penn Traffic and Penelec were institutions of my youth that would outlive me. Sic transit gloria mundi.

Ted Fisher
Rochester Hills, Michigan

Vintondale Mine cave-in

In 1938 a coal mine cave-in occurred in the Vintondale mine....Where can I obtain information on this tragedy.

Gean Hatzantonis

Best bet: Denise Dusza Weber's Delano's Domain, the history of Vintondale, Wehrum, and Claghorn. But I don't remember it specifically being covered there and don't have my copy at hand. It's out of print, and your best bet for finding it is by inter-library loan. Try the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Library and/or the Cambria County Library. I hope some others may be be able to write personal recollections to you.—Webmaster


May 31, 2001

Farkases, Vintondale


My name is Marie Carroll. My mother, Elizabeth "Liz" FARKAS Belk, was born and raised in Vintondale. My Grandfather owned a bar and boarding house in Vintondale. I am in the process of researching my mother's family.

I have enjoyed your homepages of Nanty Glo and Vintondale. My aunt, Mary Martin, is still living in Nanty Glo. Her husband, Robert, just recently passed. I also have an aunt in Vintondale, Margaret Farkas.

Any information you have on my family would be appreciated.

Thank you,

May 31, 2001

Vintondale ancestors

My great-grandfather was a logger and worked in Vintondale along with his son. My mother was born there in 1902. Her name was Josephine Shawley. Great-grandfather was Austin Shawley; grandfather, Wilmer Shawley and wife Katherine Roschenthaler.

Katherine cooked for the lumbermen and my mother Josephine Shawley was born there. I wonder if there are any church records for this young family and perhaps baptism in one of the existing churches at that time?

Thank you,
Shirley Wilson Fazekas

May 31, 2001

Classmates, BVHS 1972

Blacklick Valley class of 1972 has a few missing members. We're currently looking for info (address-phone-or email) for Charlie Pabrazinsky and Tony Locosta, both from Cardiff. Anyone have any idea where they are? Let me know,

Karen (Kinter) Gordon

May 20, 2001

Classmates, NGHS 1948

I would like to know as much as is available about my classmates...addresses (emails) on more than the two listed on the class page. Your help would be appreciated.

John J. Warmus, native, born in Nanty Glo, 1930

May 1, 2001

Patricia or Paish/Paiza Horwat


I am attempting to locate an aunt who lived in Nanty Glo about the year 1943. She may still be residing there. Her maiden name was Horwat, first name, could have been Patricia, Paish, Paiza. She came from Austria in the early 1900's. Her parents were Michael Horwat and Anna (Michalczyk) Horwat. Michael Horwat pased away in 1943; that was the last time anyone heard from her.

Any information anyone may be able to furnish would be greatly appreciated One more thing: her age today would be 85 to 90 years of age, if sge is still alive. My email address is nrwr3394@home.com.

Again thank you.

Norman Rutan

May 1, 2001

Victoria (Rak) Mros

Hi, Nanty Glo, Pa.:

I'm from Concord Township, OH, and I am currently doing my family's geneology. I have information that says that my great-grandmother, Victoria (Rak) Mros, may have died and been buried in Nanty Glo, Pa. Date of death may be June 25, 1904; possibly due to childbirth complications. She possibly would be buried in an old cemetery and possibly a Catholic cemetary. Can you help me by letting me know who I should contact to try and find out more information? I want to actually come to Nanty Glo to search for records or a grave if I could be almost certain she is buried in this town.

If anyone could direct me on who I should contact I, would be most appreciative. Concord Township is about 30 miles east of Cleveland. My name is Donna Perrine and my email address is DPerr53434@aol.com. My home telephone number is 440-639-9769.

Thanks so much to anyone who reads this e-mail and might be able to help me out.

Webmaster's note: Be sure to follow the Cemetery Records link at the bottom of this page, as a place to start.

April 8, 2001

MaryAnn Yokitis

I am trying to find my Aunt MaryAnn Yokitis (married name Davis) or anyone who knew my grandmother well. Her name was Hazel Yokitis and she passed away in 1976. My father, Lawrence Trabaudo (MaryAnn's stepbrother and Hazel's son), passed away this past July. I am trying to find MaryAnn to let her know. She would be approximately 50 years old. She married in the 70s to Carl Davis and was a teacher, last known to live in Vinco. I would love any information anyone has.

Lisa Trabaudo

March 28, 2001

Elizabeth Kozma

I am looking, trying to fing a copy of a birth certificate of Elizabeth Kozma born in Vintondale PA on 7-16-1915. Where would I write to maybe locate this birth certificate? Any ideas would be most appreciated. Elizabeth Kozma is my mother-in-law and I'm working on a family tree and info for my husband.

Thank You, Debi Sanchez

March 18, 2001

Felix Helminen

I'm looking for information about my grandmother's brother, a fellow named August Felix Helminen. I believe he lived in Nanty Glo during the 1930s and 1940s and died there in about June of 1944. He generally went by the name of Felix and was a miner. He was an immigrant from Finland. My elderly mother is searching for information about her Uncle Felix and has asked me to help her out. Please write to me, Lyle Grant, at lyle@athabascau.ca. Thanks.

March 10, 2001

Old friend

I moved out of Nanty Glo about 20 yrs ago. I am looking for a friend by the name of Debbie Mardis. If the Jonal can be of any help, Plz contact me at kiptree@bentcom.net Thnks .


March 8, 2001

Tubo, Simendinger, Hagens, McMullen...

Looking for relatives in Nanty Glo: Betty Tubo, Kay Simendinger, children of Dorothy & Harry Hagens, of Clair & Esther McMullen. Keep up the fantastic work.

Joyce (Cavanaugh) Hickman
Akron OH

A man's reputation is only what men think him to be; his character is what God knows him to be.

March 3, 2001

Zito's Store

I'm looking for any information about the Charles Zito's store (one a grocery and possibly one a barber shop in Nanty Glo around 1915-1930). He was my great-grandfather. His wife's name was Rose. Any info., incuding pictures, would be appreciated. John

February 23, 2001

Michelle Camell, BVHS Class of '77

Does anyone know how to reach Michelle Camell from your class? Thank you.

Michael Camell

February 17, 2001

Classmates, NG-V Class of '59

I am looking for the email address for Fuzzy Christoff, classmate of mine from 1959. Or any classmates with an e-mail address. I want ya all to know J.C. and I will be grandparents for the first time June 2001 (I know it is about time).

Thanks Sharon

February 17, 2001

Mary Ann (Yokitis) Davis, cousin

I'm trying to find my father's cousin—Mary Ann (Yokitis) Davis. Married to Carl Davis, last residence I believe was in Vinco. She was a school teacher. Her mother was Hazel Yokitis from Caroline Street, died in 1975. My father was Bill Town of Johnstown. If anyone has information, please email me at: MTown75537@aol.com. Thank You.

M. Town

Remember Adam Casper?

Does any one remember Adam Casper? Am trying to trace my Father-in-Law's root's. Adam came to Nanty Glo from Lithuania. My Father-in-Law was Bernard Victor Casper. He was born in Nanty Glo in 1914. He graduaded from Nanty Glo High in 1932. He had a brother Charlie and sisters named Beitrice, Frances, and Ann. Frances graduaded in 1938 at Nanty Glo High. I know Bernard's mother didn't speak English, just Lithuanian. Any help would be appricated.

Thank you.
Judy Casper

February 13, 1999

Gillin roots in Blacklick Township

Webmaster's note: The following is the continuation of a letter that begins on our Forum Letters Page.

Although John & Frances Smith Gillin left Ireland in 1818 with three children, and a fourth was born enroute, and they reportedly disembarked in Halifax, Nova Scotia, there is nothing in genealogical CD records online on them until the Census records of 1860, 70, and 80. These were the first records that proved they were there. Unfortunately, their name is spelled incorrectly in 1860— Gilliland.

In 1963 I learned, too, that John, a stonemason, and his son (we're told), helped build Eliza Furnace, but the souvenir book of the tourist attraction gives the account that John and William Gillin, immigrant brothers helped build it. It's possible that my great-grandfather, Wiliam, was named for his uncle—which would be according to Scotch-Irish/Irish naming patterns.

But on a hot, sunny July day in 1995, my destiny became obvious: I decided that I wanted to stay in Noon-Collins Inn, the former Swing-Inn when I was in high school, now a B&B owned by one of my sister's classmates, Lew Ripley. My sister had stayed there three years earlier to attend her 40th reunion.

As I entered the B&B, my attention was drawn to a collage of photos from a former era—mostly the 1800s. I noted "John Gillin's Home" caption under a stone house that no longer had windows, obviously abandoned. Other pictures showed the building I was standing in with "Built by John Gillin and son, John, Jr. 1832-34." I was "blown away!" But I wondered, "Why are my relatives' pictures on his wall?"

When Lew approached the desk, after introducing myself as "Geraldine Gillin's sister" (which surprised him), I told him of my amazement that my great-great-grandfather's picture should be on his wall. To which he replied: "He's mine, too." We chatted only briefly as he had to get back to work, and my husband was baking in the car.

In October, Lew and his wife, Jeannette, and I got better acquainted, and did discuss our kinship further. Thus, when I returned home, I knew I just had to begin the genealogical quest, but I had no idea that it would be so difficult to come to an end of it all. So, for just a little over three years, I've been writing The Gillin/Gillen Orchard. Last year I asked Lew to co-author it, to which he agreed, as his grandmother was the only scribe we'd known of.

After finding two more relatives thorugh the Internet and one finding me, I received several pages of memoirs of Alexander Smith Gillin, John Jr.'s fourth son—he and Elizabeth Brallier Gillin had 10 children. (What a story their whole family's life is!)

But A.S. Gillin's memoirs bring up several questions as to the location of their home: John, Jr. owned a "sugar camp" of 500 surgar maples, a coal mine, and had his own planing mill to make barrel staves, fence posts, and almost anything else one can make with lumber and trees; he was certainly a conservationist long before Green Peace!

Lew took me to the place he's almost certain was the property of John and Frances Gillin—at the junction of Bethel Road and Reed Hall Road. As he's looked at the deeds and (probably the plat books for the owners since then), he pinpointed it there.

Now, can you verify this spot from these statementst of A.S.: "From the coal mine to the Main Highway leading to Ebensburg where we delivered coal, it was two miles. The road or trail was poorly worked and up quite a steep hill. . . ." He then tells that his parents rode horses to the Love Feasts at the Dunkard Church—6 miles from their home; this was held twice a year for two days.

In 1864 a man came back from out West to tell his friends and neighbors how great it was out there and try to talk them into moving there. It certainly convinced John, Jr. and his sons that would be a good place to move—no more stones to haul in planting season. So John, Jr. went to Iowa for about 10 weeks, came home and he and his wife decided to sell the farm with the option to live there a year. But the end of September he became ill and died on October 1, but Elizabeth took the 10 children the following year and they settled in Iowa. (Two descendants of this family I found on the Internet—one was delighted; she told her brother, but so far I haven't heard from him.)

Oh, yes, nd BTW, from a deed selling part of John & Frances' land to John, Jr,, I learned that they named their farm HORN HEAD. Does this indicate where it oculd be for certain? (The last county in Ireland they lived in was Donegal—Horn Head is a bluff on the northeastern tip.

(Oh, yes—I read the Nanty Glo Journal regularly when growing up. Perhaps this is where I got my idea to try writing for the News of Delaware County—wrote a news column for about 10 years.)

Wanda Gillin Barrett

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