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  1. If you don't already have a homepage elsewhere and would like one on the Nanty Glo Home Page site, fill in the table with the information you want to appear on your page. (If you already have a homepage, please send us the URL—or web address—only.)
  2. Click the Generate Source button to move the material from the upper frame to the lower one. Click here to see a sample of input and the final web page it creates. Instructions continued at bottom of page.
    Page Title:
    Your email address (optional):
    Your favorite sites (optional):
    URL (ex.: (ex.: Nanty Glo Home Page)
    Body: Don't forget to describe your ties to Nanty Glo!

    Home Page Generator
    [Open Mail Form]

    Instructions, continued:

  3. Make edits or adjustments if you want in the text area of the "Source" frame.
  4. Highlight the contents of the "Source" frame and copy it (in Windows the commands are Ctrl-A to highlight all; Ctrl-C to copy). Click [Open Mail Form] to open a new email letter addressed to us. Paste the text into it (Windows command Ctrl-V). Send it. If it conforms to the standards set out on the Details page, we will post it on our site and link it to the links page.

If you already have a resume in computer file format, TRY THIS:

In the "Page Title" blank, type your name.
Click on "Paragraph." Copy the first paragraph from your resume file and paste it in the frame after the <p>.
Click "Paragraph" again. Copy the second paragraph from your resume file and paste it in the frame after the <p>.
Repeat until all paragraphs have been copied.
Click on the "Generate Source" button.
Follow the steps above to send this to us, or copy it all and paste it into a text word processor like Notepad, and save it as "resume.htm." You can see how it will look by going to your directory of files, finding "resume.htm," and double clicking it to open in your web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape).

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