George Dilling's biographical profile

building was raised, the floor leveled and hardwood floor installed for basketball. (Just a side note: when the men were putting in the framing for the coping for the roof, my father was driving down Lloyd and when he came to the building he told the men the frame was crooked and had them correct it. When he came in the side, he told the men who were putting in the corner for the stage by the back steps that the corner was out of plumb and when they checked it, he was right. He could take a 2 x 4 and without marking it saw it square.)

My brother, Chalmer, was Pastor of the Nanty Glo Church of the Brethren from 1935 until 1947, and again 1958 until 1965. Chalmer lives at Penn Run now. I talked to him last Saturday at our sister's funeral. We see each other now and then. He was here not long ago with our other sister. We call each other on the phone when I try to verify something to you, before sending it. He says he can't remember any to those things.

There is no set name for our pastors. Some are called “pastor,” some

“Reverend,” and some “brother.” [This was in answer to a specific question —webmaster.] Our church is associated with the “Pennsylvania Dutch,” or the “Pennsylvania German Deutsch.” My Grandfather was Dutch and the Dilling side German.

We had seven children, one deceased. Peggy Walker lives in Hinsdale, Illinois; Donna Bozarth in Wichita, Kansas; Richard in Ecru, Mississippi, and Nancy O'Donnel in Orlando, Florida, Rosemary Stock, and Lois Matvey within a mile of us.

It took three of the girls three years to convince me to move here to Plum Borough. Last year the youngest, with four of our grandchildren, moved to Florida. All of the children and nine of the grandchildren have computers.

Nora grew up in the Springfield area [section of Nanty Glo]. She went to school in the one-room school in Springfield. Her maiden name was Lantzy. We met at church and were married Sept. 18, 1938, in Nanty Glo. I only have a nephew and four of his children in Nanty Glo now. His daughter, Bonnie Farabaugh, is a member of the Nanty Glo [Home Page email] Forum.