George Dilling remembers 73 years in Nanty Glo

Webmaster's note: I asked George Dilling to answer some questions for a biographical sketch to accompany his reminiscences on the Home Page. What follows is his reply.—Jon Kennedy

I was born in Windber, Pa., March 7, 1916. Our family moved to Nanty Glo when I was 18 months old, in 1917, and was there until April 1990.

I attended the Nanty Glo schools, to first and second grades in the wooden building next to the high school on Chestnut Street. After we moved to Lloyd Street I went to grades three through six in the Wagner brick building on Davis Street and attended seventh grade through high school in the brick building on Chestnut Street.

I worked slightly over 39 years in the Post Office; 26 years as a carrier and 13 as a clerk. I was a Sub Carrier from 1935 until 1943, before becoming a regular.

In May of 1940 Parcel Post Delivery

George Dilling

started and I had the contract for that. I was only getting a day a week as substitute carrier except when one of the carriers was on sick leave or vacation.

Also around that time, delivery was started in Barker Row and was added to the Parcel Post route. As a carrier I had the Wagner side of town. Most of the town received two deliveries a day. During World