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Nanty Glo History Timeline
This page added May 14 2002
1894 Glenglade post office established with Merton A. Davis as postmaster.
1896 Glenglade is a lumber camp of 13 houses on Blacklick Creek.
1896 Dr. James Dunwiddie opens first mine in Glenglade.
1898 First school opens on Jackson Township side of Blacklick Creek.
1899 A Pennsylvania Railroad line comes to town to haul coal.
1900 Lincoln Mine begins operation.
1901 Post office changes name from Glenglade to Nant-Y-Glo.
1901 First church begins: Methodist Episcopal.
1902 St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church established.
1907 Springfield Mine opens.
1908 Electricity available via plant operated by John and Harry Conrad.
1909 Emma Coal Company begins operation.
1913 First Baptist Church begins.
1913 Nanty Glo Volunteer Fire Company established.
1915 Heisley, Nanty Glo's greatest mine, opened by Coleman & Weaver Coal Company.
1918 Nanty Glo incorporated as a borough independent of Blacklick and Jackson Townships.
1918 A fourth-class school is established.
1919 St. Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church begins (formerly known as "Greek Catholic").
1920 Church of God and Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses established.
1920 (Or early 1921) Newspaper, Nanty Glo Bulletin starts publication.
1921 Herman Sedloff buys the Bulletin, renames and publishes first edition of the Nanty Glo Journal May 5.
1921 Christian Missionary Alliance and Holy Ascension Ukrainian Orthodox churches established.
1922 Church of the Brethren established.
1925 First four-year class of Nanty Glo High School graduates.
1927 Ladies Auxiliary of Nanty Glo Volunteer Fire Company begins with 44 members.
1935 Church of the Nazarene established.
1950 Nanty Glo population is 5,500.*
1957 Nanty Glo and Vintondale schools form joint school district.
1967 Blacklick Township joins Nanty Glo-Vintondale to form Blacklick Valley School District.
1977 July 20—a major flood does much damage in Nanty Glo and other area towns, including Johnstown (where dozens of lives are lost), and Vintondale.
1980 Nanty Glo Public Library established.
1991 Ghost Town Trail dedicated; a public parkway biking/hiking/ski trail on the former Pennsylvania Railroad/Cambria & Indiana Railroad right-of- way, extending from Nanty Glo to Dilltown and Red Mill and White Mill.
1997 Nanty Glo Home Page established on worldwide web, September 20.
2000 Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum and Historical Society founded, May 11.
2009 Nanty Glo population is estimated at 2,775 by U.S. Census Department.*
*Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article, November 21, 2010