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Route 22 near Mundys Corner 1944

Lou Sager describes this photo as a postcard he received from his father in August, 1944, when he was stationed with the Navy in the South Pacific. The imprinted caption says "Highway Leading to Nanty Glo, Pa." and the writing on the guardrail says "to Ebensburg," with an arrow pointing to right.

A visitor of this page writes: "That picture showing Route 22 was taken looking east from about the parking lot of the Pike Brethren Church. I have walked that area of road many times going to Ross junk yard. I was born on Nanty Glo road and moved to Mundys Corner in 1936. The family operated a Gulf service station for many years. I left the area for service in 1943 and have only been back to visit at times.

—Frederick W. Altimus"

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