Bridge over Blacklick Creek, Nanty Glo, 1935

Frank Charney, now of Alexandria, Virginia, writes: "I decided to take up your offer (see Letter 96, April 1999) to display several old family pictures with the Nanty Glo Blacklick Creek bridge as the setting. The picture on the left shows my Aunt Helen (Charney) Anodide (who passed away on April 2, 1999 at the age of 82) and myself, slightly younger then. The other picture includes my aunt's girlfriend, Mary Kalenak (maiden name, and deceased). The building in the background was Johnny Casale's Barber Shop (at least in later years) and had a barber pole. A prize will be awarded to anyone who can identify the fellow in the background wearing the straw hat. The pictures came from my aunt's photo album collection, from which reproductions were made.

January 28 2001

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