Free personal home pages to persons
with Blacklick Valley links

      Here's what:
      A personal home page on the Internet puts your vitals out there for millions of people around the world to access on purpose or accidentally. It's a way of saying you once visited this planet.

      If you'd like to have your own home page but need help to create one, and
      You now live in or have ties to Nanty Glo, Blacklick Township, or Vintondale...

      We'll give you a personal home page, free, and help you create it!
      (This offer is limited; click here for more details.)
      Click here for an interactive form that will help you create your own home page. OR, just write what you'd like to include in your home page and email it to us. If it's usable (be sure to refer to your Blacklick Valley ties), we'll format it and post it on the 'net. If it's not ready, we'll work with you!

      If you already have a home page with Valley ties, please let us know and we'll link it on our links page.

If you know of related links that would be of interest, please send them to Nanty Glo Forum

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