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Nanty Glo Flood Control Project
A photographic tour of the Blacklick Creek renewal
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Down Davis Run-1

Down Davis Run-2

Up Davis Run

Dike 1

Dike 2

Dike wall

River 1

River 2

River 3

River 4

River 5

River 6

River 7

River dike

River Wall

Wall 1

Wall 2

The photos in these pages were taken by David and Pat Caldwell. David writes: I know what was done to the creek only by observation, and those were made by my wife. Blacklick Creek was dredged all the way through town and widened in many places. The creek bed was probably lowered by at least 8 feet. The creek banks were covered with a heavy plastic, then small boulders were placed on top of the plastic. A concrete wall was built along the creek behind the old Acme (later GeeBee) building. Then continuing down along the creek and past the sewage treatment plant an earthen dike was built to keep water from the houses along Rogers Street.An earthen dike was also built along Creek Street. New bridges and a viaduct were built to channel Davis Run under Second, first and McCoy Streets. Probably a lot more was done that we didn't see or read about.
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