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September 25 2001

Press release

GLO-TOWN FILMS in association with Springfield Films presents: a Shawn Fornari film

RECESS Premieres: October 3, 2001 on

The film's producer, director, and writer and Nanty Glo native Shawn Fornari says:

Dear Glo-Town Friends & Family:

It gives me great pleasure to announce the world premiere of “RECESS” on in October. The story is about a student that visits his retired school teacher and seeks revenge on her for all the bad things she did to him in the past. It is a thriller. Ifilm has selected “RECESS” as its premiere film and will run it for the entire year! the exposure will give his film worldwide exposure and reach estimated 2500 viewers a month!

Now that I have everyone’s attention...

Glo-Town Films has just finished production on a small short film (4 minutes), entitled HAPPENSTANCE. Ifilm has expressed interested in every film we do, so we hope that everyone will see this one next month. We plan to do three of these films. The first film is like the old Buster Keaton films, shot in black and white and aged to look like the old silent movies. It was screened at Chapman University where it evoked a round of applause and laughter. The residing professor called the work, “very creative and funny!”

Our other Glo-Town Films also will be shown on On the Ifilm page, please click on search and type in “Shawn Fornari” or the title of the film. My commercial (Where’s Grandma?) will premieres on October 1, RECESS premieres on October 3, and DEAD AIR on October 5. The films will be available year round.

Fornari, 30, currently resides in Los Angeles. He is currently pursuing his Masters in film direction/ screenwriting at Chapman University. He is the son of John and Linda Fornari of NantyGlo.

Perhaps anticipating moments of great recognition, he concludes: “My thanks goes out to all for their great support and dedication toward this project. Special thanks to our actors: Thomas Stearns, Annie Kidwell, Jonathan Osteen, and the late Jack Harrell. I also want to thank all those who supported this project whether it was financially or physically—we couldn't have done it without you.”


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