1. Pergrim Hill
2. Christoff Street
3. Dollar General

4. Welcome Park
5. Gold Crown
6. Rite Aid
7. Journal Office

8. Library, UMWA lot
9. Mural Wall
10. Down Lloyd Street
11. Fire Hall
12. McMullen Memorial
13. Trail Access

14. Blacklick Valley
15. Chestnut and First
16. Post Office

17. Hitchhikers' corner

18. Old swimming hole

19. Pool and Park

20. Buelah Road
21. Opposite Pergrim
22. New bank, funeral


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The view of Nanty Glo from Pergrim Hill.
Most drives into Nanty Glo begin on Pergrim Hill, so here we are. The white building on the left is the Polish-American Club; the red roofs are a laundramat and beverage-convenience store; at the bottom the familiar yellow and green sign is a BP gas station (now the only one in Nanty Glo, Vintondale, or Blacklick Township) with Robyn's Subway restaurant and convenience store. Branching off to the left just beyond is Lloyd Street, which for most of Nanty Glo's history was the main street up to Pergrim Hill. The broad street continuing ahead is Shoemaker, which since around 1965 has been the main street and is now the site of Nanty Glo's main shopping center. Previously, this had been the site of the Webster Mine rockdump, which was the first in the area to be removed and recycled to make way for the more direct route through Nanty Glo.
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