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The Nanty Glo Home Page welcomes additional listings by family and friends, including death notices for those who have moved from the area. Obituary or memorials pages, as available, are linked from the decedent's name in the list below. The Home Page welcomes obituary and memorial information, including biographical facts and/or photographs from family albums (prescanned in JPEG format and emailed, only). Historical photographs of Valley persons who died some time earlier (not just recently) are also welcome. There is no charge for these services.

Please request funeral parlor to forward obituary information for Nanty Glo, Blacklick Township, Vintondale, Jackson Township deaths to the Home Page, There is no charge either to the mortuary or the family.

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The Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum and Historical Society Researches and sends old obituaries from the Nanty Glo Journal. This service is NOT available from the Library or from the Home Page. For each obituary, send a check for $4 made out to NGTAM&HS, 942 Roberts Street,
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Deaths last updated - December 31, 2004
For funderal notices and obituaries check
Askew-Houser web page or Tribune Democrat obituaries

(Askew-Houser lists all district deaths, not only those for which they officiate.)

Thursday, December 30
     Rummel, Judith Lyn (Davis),
54, Indiana, Pa., native of Twin Rocks, (Rairigh, Hillsdale).

Saturday, December 25
     Lentine, Louis A.,
90, South Fork, native of Twin Rocks, (Charles O. Dimond, South Fork).

Friday, December 24
     Kroskie, Christine L. (Kachik),
45, Beaverdale, native of Nanty Glo, Jean H. Kinley, Beaverdale).

Saturday, December 18
     Bracken, Wanda L.,
72, Nanty Glo, (Moskal, Johnstown).

Thursday, December16
     Martin, John "Jack,"
57, Nanty Glo, (Bowser-Ondriezek).

Tuesday, December 14
     Boring, Mamie (Simmers),
86, Nanty Glo, (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Reed, David T.,
58, Woodbridge, Virginia, formerly of Nanty Glo, (private internment in Virginia).

Friday, December 10
     Smith, Clair C.,
75, Blacklick Township, (Askew-Houser).

Wednesday, December 8
     Cornely, Dorothyrae (Orms),
Nanty Glo, (Askew-Houser).

Tuesday, December 7
Davis, Betty Jane, 84, Nanty Glo, (Askew-Houser, Ebensburg).
Mehalko, Andrew "Bull," 77, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).

Friday, December 5
Kotelnicki, Nicholas J.,
18, Ebensburg, (Bowser-Ondriezek).

Wednesday, December 3
Risko, Gloria J., (Mardis), 77, Mundys Corner, (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Rose, Remington, "Remmy," 15, Vintondale, (Askew-Houser).

Sunday, November 28
Stiles, Margaret Ann (Anderson) Boyer, 80, Mineral Point (Bowser-Ondriezek).

Tuesday, November 23
Kupchella, William A., "Fritz," 88, Northern Cambria, native of Nanty Glo, (Long-Contressa, Northern Cambria).

Sunday, November 21
Krawsion, Frank "Wrench," Sr., 78, Nanty Glo, (Askew-Houser).

Monday, November 15
     Humbert, James S.,
59, Jackson Township, (Askew-Houser).

Wednesday, November 10
Settle, Orpha J., 74, Laurel Crest Manor, native of Belsano (Gibbons, Gallitzin).

Thursday, November 11
     Shestak, William J., 69, York, formerly of Vintondale (Geiple Funeral Home, Glen Rock, Pa.).

Tuesday, November 9
     Coleman, Nesbit F., 82, Vintondale (Stuart, Armagh).

Monday, November 1
     Hamula, Harry G., 82, Jackson Township (Baker-Harris, Conemaugh)

Saturday, October 30
     Baum, Irene (Dyson), 89, Mineral Point, native of Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Curtis, Mary Jane (Mesoros), 92, formerly of Twin Rocks (A.J. Desmond, Troy, Michigan).

Thursday, October 28
     Collins, Ann (Kleshock),
87, Mundys Corner, native of Vintondale (Bowser-Ondriezek).

Monday, October 25
     Roach, Janet E.,
94, Laurel Wood Care Center, formerly of Vinco (Picking-Treese-Bennett, Johnstown)

Saturday, October 23
     James, Viola "Sue," (Edmiston),
80, Ebensburg, formerly of Twin Rocks ( Bowser-Ondriezek).

Wednesday, October 20
     Christ, Eileen M.,
78, Sidman, native of Nanty Glo (Charles O. Dimond, South Fork).
Fedora, Ellen Helena (Hamilton), 80, Twin Rocks (Askew-Houser).
     Shandor, Elizabeth B., "Betty,"
80, Rebekah Manor, Ebensburg, formerly of Vintondale, native of Wehrum (Askew- Houser).
     Strugala, Louis J., "Lou,"
48, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).

Monday, October 18
     Lagana, Anna S.,
94, Edgewater, Florida, native of Wehrum (Askew-Houser, Ebensburg).

Saturday, October 16
     Peterman, Eileen Faye "Chubby,"
58, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).

Friday, October 15
     Evanego, Alex,
79, Jackson Township (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Price, Arthur C., Sr.,
93, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).

Tuesday, October 5
     Mischik, Andrew,
77, St. Petersburg, Florida, formerly of Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).

Friday, October 1
     Edwards, Betty Elaine (Mase),
80, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).

Wednesday, September 29
     Rose, Marion B., (Voyzey),
81, Huntingdon, native of Jackson Township (Askew-Houser).

Friday, September 24
     Frederick, Anna Mae (Bugal),
70, Strongstown (Askew-Houser).

Thursday, September 23
     Edwards, Helen (Hauck),
77, Ebensburg, formerly of Twin Rocks (Bowser-Ondriezek).

Wednesday, September 22
   Reed, Ednamae (Hartman),
89, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondreizek).

Sunday, September 19
   Collins, Earl Rosslyn,
96, Johnstown, native of Wehrum ( private burial).
   Mesoros, James Lewis "Jimmy,"
51, Jefferson Hills, Michigan, native of Twin Rocks (Askew-Houser).
   Pease, Charles F. "Chuck,"
56, Nanty Glo ( Bowser-Ondriezek).

Friday, September 17
   George, John,
90, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).

Thursday, September 16
   Wright, Francis Jr.,
85, Laurelwood Care Center, Native of Vintondale (Askew-Houser).

Tuesday, September 14
   Dancha, Micheal,
62, Hatboro, formerly of Vintondale (burial at Lloyd Cemetary, Ebensburg).

Sunday, September 12
   Cherry, Mary (Yaworski),
88, Blarney Stone Personal Care Home, Mundys Corner, formerly of Vintondale (Richard C. Stuart, Armagh).
   Ford, Catherine B., "Dolly" (Nicklow),
76, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).

Friday, September 10
   Michaels, Walter Leroy,
86, Richland Woods Care Center, native of Vintondale (Askew-Houser).

Wednesday, September 8
   Williamson, Myrtle Katherine "Kay,"
67, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).

Tuesday, September 7
   Sackie, Anna (Cocho),
77, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).

Sunday, August 29
   McGowan Catherine E., (Dixon), 71, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Sunday, August 22
   Swensky, Joseph, 67, Nanty Glo ( Bowser-Ondriezek).
Monday, August 9
   Wilson, Roger Phillip, 56, Twin Rocks (Askew-Houser).
Sunday, August 22
   Schall, Samuel H., 72, Twin Rocks, (private viewing and funeral).
Thursday, August 5
   Ditchcreek, David A., 80, Cranesville, native of Nanty Glo, (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Monday August 2
   Gongloff, Janet (Anderson), 69, Mineral Point, Askew-Houser).
Sunday, August 1
   Laufer, Josephine, 83, Armagh, native of Nanty Glo (Richard C. Stuart, Armagh).
Saturday, July 31
   Abrams, Lillian Esther (Dabbs), 75, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriesek).
   Lyttle, Mildred (Michaels), 79, Sebring, Florida native of Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).

Saturday, July 17
     Krstulich, Lena E.
, 81, Johnstown, native of Vintondale (Frank Ducca, Johnstown).

Friday, July 16
      Stephens, Viola,
97, Strongstown (Askew-Houser).

Thursday, July 15
      Jensen, Ann Louise (Little),
83, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).

Monday, July 15
Nedwreski, William L., 84, Strongstown (Askew-Houser).

Sunday, July 4
      Soltis, George Steve,
86, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
      Miller, Joann T., (Becker), 66, Mundys Corner (Askew-Houser).

Friday, July 2
   Baldwin, Elizabeth Ann, "Liz," 66, Johnstown, formerly of Belsano (Matevish and Matevish, Ebensburg).

Tuesday, June 29
      Dilling, George Elby,
88, Pittsburgh, formerly of Nanty Glo (Vaia, Delmont).
     Wright, Cliff W., 64, Bee Spring, Kentucky, native of Nanty Glo (Patton, Brownsville, Kentucky).

Thursday, June 17

   Bracken, William D., 84, Altoona, formerly of Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Wednesday, June 16
   Allbaugh, Jonathan Cecil "Gypsy," 86, Jackson Township (Baker-Harris, Conemaugh).
Sunday, June 13
   Reese, Dorothy G., (Gillin), 84, Martinsburg, formerly of Jackson Township (Askew-Houser, Ebensburg).
Saturday, June 12
   Pluta, Ann L., 79, Bay City, Michigan, native of Nanty Glo (Gephart Funerlal Home, Bay City, Michigan).

Friday, June 11
   Wyras, Stanley F., Sr. "Stush," 82, Vinco (Baker-Harris, Conemaugh).

Thursday, June 10
   Deetscreek, Maude, 86, Laurel Crest Manor, formerly of Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Wednesday, June 9
   Isenberg, Pearl M., 77, Hesston, native of Nanty Glo ( Askew-Houser).
Sunday, June 6
   Amigh, Abraham "Abe," 69, Vinco (Askew-Houser).
Saturday, June 5
   Hoffer, Patricia A, (Patrick), 62, Mundys Corner, native of Twin Rocks (Bowser-Ondriezek). 

Wednesday, June 2
   Sensebaugh, Ruby V.(Roser), 75, Strongstown (Bowser-Ondriezek).

Thursday, May 20
   Muir, Daniel Alan, 55, Vintondale (Buffington Township) (Richard Stewart, Armagh).
Friday, May 21,
   Tanchick, John, 86, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Wednesday, May 19,
   Kruper, Kenneth R., 55, Ebensburg, native of Twin Rocks (Askew-Houser).
Monday, May 17
   Cramer, Thoedore J., "Ted," 85, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Sunday, May 16
   Gillin, Irvin C., "Chuck," 83, Vinco (Baker-Harris, Conemaugh).
Thursday, May 13
   Orner-Cressley, Larue M. (Kopsic) 70, Alverda, native of Twin Rocks (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Wednesday, May 12
   Primel, Ronald N. "Ron," 63, Whitehouse, Tennessee, formerly of Jackson Township (Madison Funeral Home, Madison, Tenn.).
Monday, May 10

   Olsavsky, Joseph Francis, 59, St. Clair Shores, Mich., formerly of Nanty Glo (funeral mass at St. Germaine Church, St. Clair Shores, with the Rev. James Bjorum officiating, and memorial service at St. Mary's Church, Nanty Glo).

Monday, May 3
   Sobonya, Catherine (Ostinowsky), 89, Laurel Crest Manor, Formerly of Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).

Monday, April 26
   Thomas, Donald E., 76, Carrolltown, native of Nanty Glo (Stevens Funeral Home, Carrolltown).
Wednesday, April 21
   Bosley, Gerald, 66, Vintondale (Askew-Houser).
   Newman, James J., 46, Blacklick Township (Askew-Houser).
Friday, April 16
   Ortiz, Jose, 96, Laurel Crest Manor, formerly of Strongstown (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Thursday, April 15
   Malloy, John J.,III, 59, Twin Rocks (Askew-Houser).
   Rager, Alfred, 82, Rialto, Calif., native of Jackson Township (Burial in Rialto, Calif).
Wednesday, April 14
   Ott, Helen, 77, Jackson Township (Askew-Houser).
   Settle, Joseph N., 76, Warren, native of Nanty Glo (Peterson-Blick, Warren).
Tuesday, April 13
   Hofecker, William E., 79, Vinco (Picking-Treece-Bennet, Johnstown).
Monday, April 12
   Odda, Mary Frances (Urish), 90, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Friday, April 9
   Kotelnicki, Helen Mary "Baba," 91, Laurel Crest manor, formerly of Twin Rocks (Askew-Houser).
Thursday, April 1
   Masylar, Verna Lefko, 85, Florida, formerly of Nanty Glo (askew-Houser).
Thursday, March 25

     McHugh, John A., 75, Twin Rocks (Alternative Burial Corp., Johnstown).

Monday, March 22

     Evaniscsko, James C., 69, Nanty Glo (private visitation, interment St. Mary's Cemetery, Nanty Glo).

Sunday, March 21

     Sharpe, E. Virginia, 79, Cramer, native of Wehrum (Caywood's Funeral Home, Elmira, N.Y.).

Tuesday, March 16

     Mash, John "Squeaky," 82, Windber, native of Nanty Glo (Meek, Windber).

Monday, March 15

     Magyar, Margaret C., 83, Colver, native of Twin Rocks (Matevish, Ebensburg).

Sunday, March 14

     Deffenbaugh, Bessie Mae, 87, Alabaster, Alabama, native of Jackson Township (Henderson-Ketterer, Geistown).

Saturday, March 13

     Bossser, Josephine Zora, 89, Johnstown, native of Vintondale (Henderson-Makuchan-Ketterer, Conemaugh).

     Hoffman, Milford J., 83, Blacklick Township (Bowser-Ondriezek).

Thursday, March 11

     Rose, Alleda T. (Rummell), 89, Ebensburg, native of Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser, Ebensburg).

Sunday, March 7

     Buck, Melvin J., Sr., 83, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).

Friday, March 5

     Swalligan, Mary (Baliga), 84, Twin Rocks (Bowser-Ondriezek).

Tuesday, March 2

     Boothby, Sharon L., (Malloy), 55, Vintondale ( Askew-Houser).

Sunday, February 22

     Stephens, Violet, 89, Strongstown (Askew-Houser).

Friday, February 20

     Mentch, George G. "Bucky," 93, Belsano.

Tuesday, February 17

     Laney, Glenn Thomas "Tuck," 71, Strongstown (Robinson-Lytle Inc).

Monday, February, 16

     Seymour, Edgar J., 77, Ebensburg, formerly of Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).

Sunday, February 15

     Harmotta, Nick, 75, Vintondale (Askew-Houser).

Saturday, February 14

     Waltermire, Elizabeth J., Vienna, Ohio, native of Belsano (Bowser-Ondriezek).

Tuesday, February 10

     Sebulsky, Mary (Kuzilla), 74, Anchorage, Alaska, formerly of Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).

Wednesday, February 11

     Lesak, Clara (Datsko), 90, Laurel Crest Manor, Ebensburg, native of Wehrum (Askew-Houser).

Sunday, February 8

     Burns, Margaret, 92, Cresson, native of Wehrum (Charles M. Kennedy, Cresson).

Friday, February 6

     Hagan, Dr. Francis C. "Frank," 82,York, native of Nanty Glo (John W. Keffer, York).

Thursday, February 5

     Mesaros, John G., 81, Kansas City, Missouri, native of Twin Rocks.

Saturday, January 31

     Sidola, Bernice, 77, Nanty Glo.

Thursday, January 29

     Findley, Ingeborg E., 70, Jackson Township (Askew-Houser).

Saturday, January 3

     Black, Donald C., 53, Mineral Point (Charles O. Dimond, South Fork).

     Pavlik, Mary, 84, Johnstown, native of Wehrum (Francis P. Ozog, Johnstown).

 2004 BIRTHS

Tuesday, December 21
   Llewellyn, Luke and Danielle,
Twin Rocks, son.

Wednesday, December 17
   Bier, Todd and Brandy Potter,
Mineral Point, daughter.
   Kensington, Russell and Anne (Unger),
Nanty Glo, son.

Monday, December 13
   Brown, Darren and Michele (Stoltz),
Mineral Point, daughter.
   Williams, Tracy Lynn and Robert George,
Nanty Glo, son.

Thursday, December 9
   Dillon, Gerald and Maryann
(Waters), son.

Wednesday, December 8
   Hill, Chad and Jennifer Kinter,
Nanty Glo, son.

Tuesday, December 7
   Tatarko, Tim and Nadine,
Twin Rocks, son.

Tuesday, November 30
   Kosh, Jerry and Pamela (Schmidt),
Twin Rocks, daughter.

Monday, November 29
   Frederick, Timmy and Stacie Dow,
Nanty Glo, daughter.
   Nagle, Melissa, Nanty Glo, daughter.

Tuesday, November 16
   Miller-Lawson, Ashley,
Nanty Glo, son.

Monday, October 25
   Churilla, Brian and Tracy Kelley, Nanty Glo, son.

Sunday, October 24
   Piechnik, Ryan and Amanda Cramer, Mineral Point, son.

Thursday, October 21
   Straw, Richard and Brigid McCarthy, Nanty Glo, son.

Thursday, October 14
   Krawcion, Frank Jr., and Jean (Lupek), Nanty Glo, daughter.

Wednesday, September 29
   Bloom, William and Robyn (Arkwright), Nanty Glo, daughter.

Friday, September 17
   Rhine, Harey and Heather (Mullen), Nanty Glo, Daughter.

Thursday, September 16
   Altimus, Benjamin and Cassandra Wilson,
Nanty Glo, son.
   Newcomer, Jack III and Patricai Fye,
Nanty Glo, son.

Wednesday, September 15
   Adams, Cory M. and Ann I. (Smith),
Nanty Glo, son.

Thursday, September 9
   Young, Kevin and Jody (Saylor),
Twin Rocks, son.

Wednesday, September 8
   Pisarcik, Jeremy and Tracie,
Nanty Glo, son.

Tuesday, September 7
   Polchito, Nicholas and Christine (Buynack),
Mineral Point, daughter.

Tuesday, August 24
   Howard, Jeremy and Marisa, Nanty Glo, daughter.

Monday, August 23
   Rankin, David Rankin and Jessica Rodkey, Vintondale, daughter.
Friday, August 19
   Hrapchak, Donald and Stacey (Neary), Mundys Corner, son.
Tuesday, August 17
   Kaschalk, Adam and Lynda, Nanty Glo, son.
Tuesday, July 31
   Borosky, Martin and Renee, Nanty Glo, son.
Monday, July 9
   Bowden, Tim and Rebecca (Goughnour), Nanty Glo, son.

Monday, May 17

   Heeney, Jason and Tracey, Vinco, daughter.

Sunday, May 9
     Powell, Todd and Renee, Mundys Corner, son.
Thursday, May 6
     Grimaldi, Dave and Cheryl, Nanty Glo, son.
Friday, April 30
      Clark-Lotton, Michael Clark and Kristin Lotton, Twin Rocks, daughter
Saturday, April 17
     Harasty, Tim and Sharon, Vintondale, son.
Friday, March 12, 2004
    Yingling, Michael and Lori (Mayancsik), Nanty Glo, Daughter.
Saturday, March 6, 2004
    Gillin, Jason and Jennifer (Little), Mineral Point, son.
Thursday, March 4, 2004
    Cummins, Steven and Tammy (Pavlick), Nanty Glo, daughter.
Wednesday, March 3, 2004
    Adams, Raymond Jr., and Brandee Barzdo, Twin Rocks, son.
Saturday, February 14, 2004
    Burkett, Michael and Nicole (Gay), Mundys Corner, daughter.
Sunday, February 9, 2004
    Barbus, Michael and Jennifer,Vintondale, daughter.
Monday, February 1, 2004

    Hessler, David and Lisa (McGough), Nanty Glo, daughter.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004
    Woods, Heath and Kathy (Stiles), Belsano, daughter.
Thursday, January 8, 2004
    Sheesley, Justin and Jessica Colangelo, Vintondale, son.
Sunday, January 4, 2004
    Cooper, Scott and Jill (Lechene) Smeed, Belsano, daughter.
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