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Blacklick Valley Deaths, 2003

The Nanty Glo Home Page welcomes additional listings by family and friends, including those who have moved from the area. Obituary or memorials pages, as available, are linked from the decedent's name. The Home Page welcomes obituary and memorial information, including biographical facts and/or photographs from family albums (prescanned in JPEG format and emailed, only). Historical photographs of Valley persons who died some time earlier (not just recently) can also be published. There is no charge for these services.

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Tuesday, December 30

     Lewis, Peter Thomas "Pete," 48, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).

Monday, December 29

     Burkey, Georgina R. "Jean," 79, Vinco (Baker-Harris, Conemaugh).

     Sullivan, Mary M., 88, Norwalk, Conn., formerly of Vintondale (Matevish and Matevish, Ebensburg).

Friday, December 26

     Biondo, John M., 90, Laurel Crest Manor, Ebensburg, formerly of Vintondale Askew-Houser).

Monday, December 22

     Cramer, Alice E., (Reighard), 89, Native of Mineral Point (Askew-Houser, Ebensburg).

Saturday, December 20

     Rorabaugh, Samuel Edward, 94, Jackson Township (askew-Houser, Ebensburg).

Friday, December 19

     Johns, Dwyer K. Sr., 64, Caroline Manor, Nanty Glo, native of Jackson Township (Francis G. Ozog, Johnstown).

Wednesday, December 17

     Stiffler, Minnie Catherine, 68, Twin Rocks (Jon A. Meese, Seward).

Monday, December 8

     Monday, D.H. "Bill," 90, Jackson Township ( Askew-Houser).

Sunday, December 7

     Henry, Margaret A., "Maggie," 76, Laurel Crest Manor, Ebensburg, formerly of Mineral Point (Vinco) (Baker-Harris, Conemaugh).

Thursday, December 4

     Rummel, James A. "Mork," 77, Hooversville, native of Nanty Glo (George E. Mason, Davidsville).   

Monday, December 1

     Zanin, Loretta Louise, 85, Belsano (Askew-Houser).

Saturday, November 22
     Glowa, Susan (Sheftic), Jackson Township (Henderson-Makuchan-Ketterer, Conemaugh).
     Headrick, Elda Mae, 82, Vinco (Baker-Harris, Conemaugh).
Thursday, November 20
     Eves, Jane Ellen (Shaner) Hartman, 83, Mundys Corner (Askew-Houser).
     Felosky, Betty R., 63, Good Samaritan Nursing Care Center, formerly of Nanty Glo (Francis G.Ozog, Johnstown).
Wednesday, November 19
     Mardula, Joseph S., Sr., 80, Cresson, native of Twin Rocks (Charles Kennedy, Cresson).
Sunday, November 16
     Miller, Dolores J., "Bunchie," (Wachs), 58, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser)
Saturday, November 8
     Soflarsky, Jason Elwood, "Jas," 27, Nanty Glo, (Askew-Houser).
Friday, November 7
     Thornton, Margaret Pearl, 58, Vinco (Askew-Houser).
Thursday, November 6
     Stefanick, Mary, 93, Ebensburg, native of Wehrum (Matevish and Matevish, Ebensburg).
Monday, November 3
     Reeger, Vivian, L., 71, Jackson Township (Askew-Houser).
Thursday, October 30
     Stanton, Barbara J., "Pumpkin," 40, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Thursday, October 16
     Hurtack, John, 78, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Wednesday, October 15
     Dropcho, John E., 95, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Tuesday, October 14
     Kline, Florence M., "Flossie," 71, Vinco (Askew-Houser).
Monday, October 13
     Matejovich, Ann, 81, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Saturday, October 4
     Scappino, Walter Aldo, 81, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Thursday, October 2
     Scansaroli, John, 80, Ebensburg, native of Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Wednesday, October 1
     Hayes, William S. Sr., 94, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Sunday, September 28
     Brinzo, George, 72, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Giorgis, JoLynn (Ardini), 54, Monroeville, formerly of Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Friday, September 26
     Mallin, Wilford, 82, Nanty Glo (Alternative Burial).
Thursday, September 25
     Wissinger, Stephanie Ann, 54, Mineral Point, native of Vintondale (Charles O. Diamind, South Fork).
Wednesday, September 24
     Popp, Steve "Bishop," 75, Odessa, Florida, formerly of Twin Rocks (John Henderson, Johnstown).
Thursday, September 18
     Martin, Edith, 85, Tarentum, native of Strongstown (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Wednesday, September 17
     Lehman, Pansy (Empfield) "Pat," 101, Redstone Presbyterian Home, Johnstown, native of Belsano (Askew-Houser, Ebensburg).
     Zanin, Dennis R., 46, Blacklick Township (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Saturday, September 13
     Donley, Michael J., 60, Flower Mound, Texas, formerly of Mundys Corner (burial at Dallas/Fort Worth National Cemetery).
Thursday, September 11
     Olexo, Clara Agnes (Stager), 85, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     McDonald, Richard "Slick," 34, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Kruper, Donald J., 44, Twin Rocks (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Wednesday, September 10
     Schilling, George D. Sr., 74, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Tuesday, September 9
     Brown, Goldie Marie, 78, Vinco (Askew-Houser).
Sunday, September 7
     Millward, Emma Lavinia, 92, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Olsavsky, Peter P., 83, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Saturday, September 6
     Konsavich, Michael, 72, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Thursday, September 4
     Gallo, Elizabeth A., 84, Johnstown, native of Twin Rocks (Askew-Houser).
Wednesday, September 3
     Franks, Shannon L., 30, Strongstown (Moriconi, Northern Cambria).
     Keating, Patricia R., (McNulty),
76, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Tuesday, September 2
     Mackanick, Constance J., (Evanego), 51, Mineral Point (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Sunday, August 31
     James, Frances E., 92, Caroline Manor, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Friday, August 29
     Moore, Ronald E., 52, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Thursday, August 28
     Martin, Dillon G., "Pap," 81, Vinco (Askew-Houser).
Wednesday, August 27

     Budash, Martin J., 78, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).

Tuesday, August 26

     McEvoy, Elizabeth, 89, Laurel Crest Manor, Ebensburg, formerly of Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).

Saturday, August 23
     Sidone, Lena, 82, Ebensburg, native of Wehrum (Matevish and Matevish, Ebensburg).
Tuesday, August 19
     Carlson, Cynthia Anne (Paskowski), 44, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Sunday, August 17
     Weimer, James Sr., 64, Nanty Glo, burial at Lloyd Cemetary, Ebensburg.
     Albertelli, Dominic,
92, Rebekah Manor, Ebensburg, native of Vintondale (Charles O. Diamond, South Fork).
Saturday, August 16
     Watson, Margaret E., 87, Baltimore, native of Twin Rocks (Askew-Houser, Ebensburg).
Friday, August 15
     Holby, Dorothy Ellen, 76, Strongstown (Askew-Houser).
Wednesday, August 13
     Sharpe, H. Carl, 81, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Tuesday, August 12
     Krall, Elizabeth (Empfield), 87, Strongstown (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Thursday, August 7
     Dilling, Pastor Chalmer C., 88, Beacon Ridge Nursing Facility, Indiana, formerly of Nanty Glo (Bowser-Minich, Indiana).
Tuesday, August 5
     Deffenbaugh, Mildred L. (Miller), 80, Laurel Crest Manor, Ebensburg, formerly of Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Wednesday, July 30
     Watson, Violet Florence, 75, Laurel Crest Manor, formerly of Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Tuesday, July 29
     Lechak, Mary Theresa, 79, Johnstown, native of of Nanty Glo (Ozog, Johnstown).
     Davis, Olive M., 96, Arbutus Manor, native of Twin Rocks (Harris, Johnstown).
Monday, July 28
     Mottin, Genevieve E., "Jean," Laurel Crest Manor, formerly of Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
     Guiher, Margaret C., 85, Johnstown, formerly of Twin Rocks (Meese, Seward).
Saturday, July 26
     Anderson, Jeanette "Judy," 68, Nanty Glo, (Askew-Houser).
Wednesday, July 23
     Holcomb, Carl Edward "Ed," 57, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Monday, July 21
     Carney, Jessie M. "Jay," 92, Laurel Crest Manor, formerly of Belsano (Askew-Houser, Ebensburg).
Friday, July 18
     Rager, Cora, 98, Vintondale (Stewart, Armagh).
Sunday, July 13
     Henry, Margaret C. (Palencsar), 77, Mineral Point, native of Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Saturday, July 12
     Karlinsey, Donald, 79, Mundys Corner(Askew-Houser).
Friday, July 11
     Headrick, Chalmer C., "Chatty," 85, Vinco (Baker-Harris, Conemaugh).
Tuesday, July 8
     Palencsar, John J., 82, Maple Winds Care Center, Portage, native of Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Monday, July 7
     Hawksworth, Gladys M., 90, Rebekah Manor, native of Twin Rocks (Askew-Houser, Ebensburg).
Sunday, June 29
     Smith, James F., 73, Hollidaysburg Veterans Home, native of Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Ando, Steve, 42, Mission Viejo, California, formerly of Nanty Glo (O'Conner Laguna Hills Mortuary, Laguna Hills, California).
Thursday, June 26
     Alexander, Dustin Michael, 21, airman first class, USAF, Bolling Air Force Base, Washington D.C., native of Jackson Township (Askew-Houser).
Thursday, June 19
     Minzer, Cathy Rae (McKeel), 45, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Tuesday, June 17
     Bornyak, Anna (Bernot), 96, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Friday, June 13
     Carney, Mary Ella, 73, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Thursday, June 12
     Ponchione, John Paul, 87, Nanty Glo (Bowser- Ondriezek).
Monday, June 9
     Lightcap, Maxim, 71, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
     Adams, Verda E., 92, Brethern Home, New Oxford, native of Strongstown (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Friday, June 6
     Stiffler, Theodore S., 84, Carlisle, native of Nanty Glo (burial in Newport, Perry County).
Thursday, June 5
     Baldwin, Emma, 70, Vintondale (Askew-Houser).
Sunday, June 1
     Luko, Charles W., 81, Twin Rocks (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Friday, May 30
     Conley, Amelia (Stefanik), 97, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Sunday, May 25
     Cornetti, John, 83, Nanty Glo, (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Mahalko, Michael, 76, Dane Castle, Strongstown, (Askew-Houser).
Friday, May 23
     Warholic, Hohn J., 85, Twin Rocks, (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Shilling, Montana Lynn, 1, Vintondale, (Matevish & Matevish, Ebensburg). (Infant daughter of Travis and Charlene (Hagens) Shilling died after an accidental fall from a tub seat into a bathtub.)
Saturday, May 17
     Connor, Fred M., Sr., 71, Lilly, native of Nanty Glo (Cloherty, Lilly).
Saturday, May 10
     Luko, John, 80, Twin Rocks, (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Brown, Robert L., 76, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Friday, May 9
     Scott, John J., 74, Johnstown, native of Nanty Glo (Hoffman, Davidsville).
Monday, May 5
     Clawson,William R., Jr., 77, Ebensburg, native of Belsano (Matevish and Matevish, Ebensburg).
     Patrick, Kathryn A., 85, Patriot Manor, Somerset, native of Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Saturday, May 3
     Swanhart, Wilbur M., "Bo," 70, McCandless Township, Allegheny County, native of Nanty Glo (Burial in Allegheny County).
Friday, April 25
     Bezek, Mary (Cherkola), 99, Rebekah Manor; Ebensburg, native of Vintondale (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Sunday, April 20
     Toth, Charles, Jr., 87, Baltimore, Maryland, native of Vintondale (Private burial).
     Kopco, Rose (Batovich), Johnstown, died in Nanty Glo (Burial at St. Mary's Cemetary, Nanty Glo).
Tuesday, April 22
     Remery, Myrtle "Mae," 95, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Friday, April 18
     Ponchione, Philomena "Fannie," 88, Revloc, native of Wehrum (Matevish, Ebensburg).
     Trombley, Katherine "Bub," 98, Nanty Glo, native of Vintondale, (Askew-Houser).
Thursday, April 14
     Boback, Evelyn M., "Nanny," (Davis), 88, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Saturday, April 12
     Kelly, Jessie I., 92, Presbyterian Home, Johnstown, native of Jackson Township (Baker-Harris, Conemaugh).
Monday, April 8
     Koontz, Charles H., "Ted," 73, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Tuesday, April 1
     Moody, Wesley F., 71, Pittsburgh, formerly of Johnstown and Nanty Glo (Picking-Treece-Bennett, Johnstown).
     Richey, Clifford L., 72, Jackson Township (Baker-Harris, Conemaugh).
Monday, March 31
     Smoluch, Stanley J., "Smol," 83, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Saturday, March 29
     Hessler, Velma E., 80, Ebensburg, native of Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Friday, March 28
     Shaffer, William R., 54, Lancaster, formerly of Twin Rocks (private funeral at convenience of family).
     Obrets, Joseph Sr., 86, Twin Rocks (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Thursday, March 27
     Llewellyn, Dennis E., "Stumpy," 45, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Friday, March 25
     Long, Glenn J. (Mackall), 93, New Providence, New Jersey, native of Jackson Township and formerly of Nanty Glo (William A. Bradley & Son, Chatham, New Jersey).
     Rose, Crystal Lynn, 15, Buffington Township (Askew-Houser).
Monday, March 24
     Link, Doug, 18, Blacklick Township (Askew-Houser).
Saturday, March 22
     McNelley, Audrey L., "Nan," 76, Mundys Corner (Askew-Houser).
Friday, March 21
     Glass, Mary Frances, 70, Jackson Township (Baker-Harris, Conemaugh).
     Odee, Robert "Bob," 58, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Tuesday, March 18
     Verba, John, 78, Vintondale (Askew-Houser).
Saturday, March 15
     Mercik, Theodore C., "Ted," 83, Vinco (Henderson, Makuchan-Ketterer, Conemaugh).
Wednesday, March 12
     Doulon, Joseph M., 67, Jackson Township (Ozog, Johnstown).
Monday, March 10
     Stephens, Merle Webster, 76, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
     Stillions, Theresa Lynne (Holbink), 35, Nanty Glo (Good, Altoona).
Tuesday, February 25
     Luzar, Charles, 77, Plainville, New Jersey, native of Vintondale (Sprino, Plainville).
     Ploaick, Helena (Shestak) Kasper, 83, Vintondale, (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Tuesday, March 4
     Hagerich, Lucy May, 90, Johnstown, native of Jackson Township (Picking-Treece-Bennet, Johnstown).
Monday, March 3
     Odee, Delores (Zamboni), 56, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Friday, February 28
     Grembi, Artemesia (Capelli), 80, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Thursday, February 27
     Auvil, Theodore, "Ted," 71, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Tuesday, February 25
     Jacco, Madeline S., (Anodide), 87, Nanty Glo.
Monday, February 24
     Dyson, Leonard R., 74, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Thursday, February 13
     Wright, Jane (Frick), 85, Jackson Township (Askew-Houser).
Tuesday, February 11
     Gaboda, Anna, 76, Jackson Township (Askew-Houser).
Sunday, February 9
     Dugan, Robert E., 73, Mundys Corner (Askew-Houser).
     Stefanick, George, 73, Twin Rocks (Askew-Houser).
Thursday, February 6
     Ugoletti, Delio, 78, Vintondale (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Wednesday, February 5
     Jakab, John P., 86, Mundys Corner (Askew-Houser).
Friday, January 31
     Martin, Virginia Marie (Averi), 73, Springfield, Virginia, native of Vintondale (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Zamboni, Delores Jean (Rhoades), 56, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Thursday, January 30
     Deetscreek, Josephine (Mack), 78, Jackson Township (Alternative Burial, Johnstown).
Tuesday, January 28
     Cook, Leah (Holsopple), 89, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Monday, January 27
     Williams, Lloyd, 92, Vintondale (Askew-Houser).
Friday, January 24
     Kruper, Ruth, 93, Twin Rocks (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Thursday, January 23
     Bracken, Raymond M., 69, Johnstown, native of Vintondale (Hindler, Johnstown).
     Younkin, Paul C., 77, Blacklick Township (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Wednesday, January 22
     Ragley, Betty Jean "LeeLee," 70, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Reese, Thomas F., 87, Ebensburg, native of Blacklick Township (Askew-Houser, Ebensburg).
Tuesday, January 21
     Hopper, Helen (Shultz), 84, Portage, native of Vintondale (Beck, Portage).
Sunday, January 19
     Shutak, John Michael, 81, Cottage City, Maryland, native of Nanty Glo (burial at Cheltenham Veteran's Cemetery, Maryland).
Saturday, January 18
     Patterson, Carrie V., 96, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Wednesday, January 15
     McPhee, Donald, 82, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Sunday, January 12
     Kuzilla, Edward G., Sr., 71, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Sarnosky, Elizabeth V., "Elsie," 85, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Wednesday, January 8
     Rafas, Thomas J., 81, Ebensburg, native of Vintondale (Askew-Houser, Ebensburg).
Sunday, January 5
     Edwards, Louise P., 68, Ebensburg, native of Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Friday, January 3
     Sabo,Thomas E., 82, Patton, native of Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Thursday, January 2
     Tucker,Christine M., 73, Ebensburg, formerly of Belsano (Askew-Houser).
Wednesday, January 1
     Gearhart, Alexander Sr., 75, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Kuftic, John J., 90, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
     Burkey, Raphael Lyndon "Ray," 78, Twin Rocks (Askew-Houser).
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