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Blacklick Valley Deaths, 2002

Officiating funeral parlors listed in parentheses. The Nanty Glo Home Page welcomes additional listings by family and friends, including those who have moved from the area, as well as obituary information as available. Obituaries, as available, are linked from the decedent's name. Weekly revision of this page is planned.

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Blacklick Valley Funeral Homes
Askew-Houser Funeral Home
1310 Shoemaker Street, Nanty Glo, PA 15943
Mark E. Letzo, Supervisor, 814-749-7400
Bowser-Ondriezek Funeral Home
102 Cardiff Road, Nanty Glo, PA 15943
Page updated January 4 2003
Monday, December 27
     Adams, Mary Delores Boyer S., 79, Johnstown, native of Nanty Glo (Robinson-Lytle, Indiana).
Monday, December 26
     Stiffler, Grant F., "Stiffy" "Noke," 65, Somerville, Massachusetts, native of Nanty Glo (burial in Massachusetts).
Tuesday, December 24
     Wissinger, Amber Violet, 94, Scenery Hill Manor, Indiana, formerly of Vintondale R.D., and co-owner of the former Wissinger's Store, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Monday, December 23
     Topor, John "Judge," 74, Red Mill Road, Ebensburg (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Westrick, Lynette Rachel, 59, Princeton,Texas, native of Jackson Township (burial in Texas).
Sunday, December 22
     Zapola, Anthony "Tony," 85, Trout Run, formerly of Vinco (Askew-Houser).
Thursday, December 19
     Angus, Dorothy C., 89, Vinco (Baker-Harris, Conemaugh).
Friday, December 13
     Murray, Evelyn M., 95, Laurel View Village, formerly of Holsopple and Nanty Glo (George E. Mason, Davidsville).
Monday, December 2
     Burkhart, William D., 67, Athens, Ohio, native of Jackson Township (Jagers and Sons, Athens).
Sunday, December 1
     Burns, Alexander Anthony "Alex," 82, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Friday, November 29
     Kaushep, Elizabeth M., 89, Vintondale (private family memorial services).
Tuesday, November 26
     Rudolph, Martha (Brown), 88, Natrona Heights, Pa.,  native of Nanty Glo (Peters, Natrona Heights).
Saturday, November 23  
     Rager, Dora (Chiari), 93, Nanty Glo (Bowser- Ondriezek).
Wednesday, November 20
    Yarina, Pearl Elaine, 61, Jackson Township (Askew-Houser).
Saturday, November 16
     Gillin, Betty A., 69, HAIDA Manor, Hastings, native of Vinco (Stuart, Armagh).
Saturday, November 16
     Hockensmith, Jeffrey L., "Hock," 51, Jackson Township (Baker-Harris, Conemaugh).
Thursday, November 14
     Michaels, Bertha E., 98, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Tuesday, November 12
     Scansaroli, Ruth E., "Billie," 82, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Sunday, November 10
     Ling, Betty L., 76, Park Hill, native of Nanty Glo (Baker-Harris, Conemaugh).
Saturday, November 9
     Kish, Lewis Edward "Louie," 57, Blacklick Township (Askew-Houser).
Friday,  November 8
     Lockett, Betty (Bortnyik), 82, Belsano (Askew-Houser).
     Pluchinsky,  Joseph Richard, 93, Vintondale (Askew-Houser).

Monday, November 4

     Valentino, Theresa (Malloy), 36, Rolling Hills, Illinois, formerly of Twin Rocks.

Sunday, November 3

     Boback, Herbert, "Herb," 61, Colver, native of Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
     Elliott, Gloria, E., 61, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
     Molnar, Mary (Barther), 85, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Warzel, Gertrude "Martha," 78, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).

Saturday, November 2

     Dilling, Faye J., (Barndt), 82, Penn Run, formerly of Nanty Glo (Bowser-Minich, Indiana). Wife of longtime Nanty Glo Church of the Brethren pastor Chalmer Dilling. (Link is to Johnstown Tribune-Democrat archive obituary.)
     Dyson, Janet Diane, 68, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).

Friday, November 1

     Bracken, Florence E., 87, Jackson Township (Baker-Harris, Conemaugh).
     Malenich, George, 67, Elmwood Park, New Jersey, formerly of Vintondale.
     Toth, John, "Axel," Ocala, Florida, formerly of Nanty Glo.
Thursday, October 31
     Hughes,  Mary Elizabeth, 94, Venice, Florida, native of Belsano (Farly, Venice).

Wednesday, October 30

     Sado, Julia (Risko), 86, Erie, native of Vintondale (Burton, Erie).

Tuesday, October 29

     Bezek, Barbara, 60, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Rager, Laura Jean, 35, Tampa, Fla., formerly of Vintondale (Stuart).

Saturday, October 26

     Gibson, John D., Sr., 65, Vintondale (Askew-Houser).

Thursday, October 24

     Stoika, Gary J., 66, Tipton, formerly of Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
     McCullough, Betty, 76, Mundys Corner (Bowser-Ondriezek).

Monday, October 21

     Cramer, Helen R., 81, formerly of Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).

Saturday, October 19

     Selip, Sue E., 88, Vintondale (Askew-Houser).

Friday, October 18

     Sinclair, James G., "Ivan," 42, Vinco (Moriconi).

Saturday, October 12

     Marhefka, Michael J., 85, Vinco (Askew-Houser).

Sunday, October 6

     Kline, Lillian L., (Dyson), 85, native of Nanty Glo (burial in Ohio).

Tuesday, September 24

     McGinty, Ruth R., 73, Vinco (Askew-Houser).

Monday, September 23

     Bopp, Michael, 81, Vinco (Baker-Harris, Conemaugh).
     Dean, Rhonda E., (Elliot), 38, Ebensburg, formerly of Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
     Paul, Gavin Michael and Zachary Robert, twin infants, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).

Sunday, September 22

     Nealen, Margaret, 88, Northfield Center, Ohio, formerly of Mundys Corner (burial in Ohio).

Friday, September 20

     Hulina, Joseph Peter Sr., 73, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).

Wednesday, September 18

     Harris, William Ashenfelter Jr., "Squeaky", 71, Jackson Township (Baker-Harris, Conemaugh).

Tuesday, September 17

     Barr, Mary E., 87, Nanty Glo ( Bowser-Ondriezek).

Sunday, September 15

     O'Farrell, Francis, 72, Akron, Ohio, formerly of Nanty Glo (burial in Ohio).

Saturday, September 14

     Lytle, Grace E. (Hawskworth), 86, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Mackall, Jacob S., 84, Vinco (Baker-Harris, Conemaugh).

Thursday, September 12

     Brown, Robert S., 82, Mundys Corner (Askew-Houser).

Tuesday, September 10

     Dishong, Mabel R., 95, Jackson Township (Askew-Houser).
     Holby, Florence, 83, Strongstown, native of Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).

Monday, September 9

     Gates, Anna (McKavish), 92, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).

Saturday, September 7

     Sherwood, Ronald L., 54, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).

Thursday, September 5

     Antol, Kalman Jr., 87, Vintondale, (Askew-Houser).

Monday, September 2

     Englody, Irene P., 82, native of Nanty Glo (Moriconi, Northern Cambria).

Wednesday, August 28

     Akens, Joseph M., 75, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek). Was a former member of the Nanty Glo Borough Council and the Water Authority.

Monday, August 19

     Kanuch, Michael, 47, formerly of Nanty Glo (Altrnative Burial Corporation, Johnstown).

Monday, August 12

     Morey, Julius John "Babs," 89, Vintondale (Askew-Houser).

Saturday, August 10

     Sabo, Ethel Ann, 76, native of Nanty Glo (Hastings Funeral Home, Morgantown, W.Va.).

Thursday, August 8

     Lanzendorfer, George "Gus," 73, Twin Rocks.
     Ross, M., Theresa (Hayes), 80, Nanty Glo (Bowser- Ondriezek).

Wednesday, August 7

     Martin, Justin Glenn "Jay," 22, Mundys Corner (Askew-Houser).

Tuesday, August 6

     Zayne, William, 4 months, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).

Monday, August 5

     Buffy, John Jr., 79, native of Nanty Glo.

Friday, August 2

     Watson, Shirley (Reese), 70, formerly of Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).

Wednesday, July 31

     Popp, Stephen J., 86, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).

Tuesday, July 30

     Harasty, Matthew Paul, 19, Vintondale (Stuart, Armagh).

Sunday, July 28

     Minno, Paul T., 85, Gainesville, Florida, formerly of Vinco (John Henderson).

Sunday, July 22

     Byers, Karl W., Macon, Ga., formerly of Vinco (burial in Georgia. Exact date of death not reported).
     Reba, Mary (Rosko), 75, Twin Rocks (Bowser-Ondriezek).

Sunday, July 21

     Whyte, Stanley H., 80, Vinco (Baker-Harris).

Sunday, July 7

     Horn, Lewis J., 87, Ebensburg R.D., (Askew-Houser).
     Tripp, Joseph Lee Jr., 66, Urbana, Ill., formerly of Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).

Friday, July 5

     Commons, Katherine H., 91, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Evanicsko, Michael J., "Spike," 39, formerly of Nanty Glo (burial at sea).

Saturday, June 29

     Galko, Anthony, 70, Florida, formerly of Nanty Glo, burial in Florida.
Friday, June 28
     Rummel, Chester Dean, 72, Belsano (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Thursday, June 27
     Harasty, Anna, 88, Vintondale (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Tuesday, June 25
     Gore, Laura Agnes, 97, Laurel Crest Manor, formerly of Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).

Friday, July 21

     Welsh, Meri Clare (Morey), 56, Lewisville, Ohio, formerly of Vintondale.
Saturday, June 8, 2002
     Green, Oneda Sarah, 85, Communities of Indian Haven, formerly of Belsano (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Friday, June 7, 2002
     Yanche, Sara J., 80, Belsano (Askew-Houser).
Tuesday, June 4, 2002
     Conrad, Elizabeth Jane, 49, Blacklick Township (Askew-Houser).
Monday, June 3, 2002
Olinski, Theodore Martin, 82, Twin Rocks, formerly of Colver (Askew-Houser).
     Ure, Lewis S., 84, Vintondale (Askew-Houser).
Sunday, June 2, 2002
     Baughman, Bessie (Chapman),70, Pennway Drive, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Friday, May 31, 2002
     Nipps, Susanna L., (Lewis), 97, Ligioner, formerly of Nanty Glo R.D. (Askew-Houser).
     Wagner, Michael D., 59, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Monday, May 27, 2002
     Kruper, John A., 90, Twin Rocks (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Sunday, May 26, 2002
     Sekerak, Kenneth W., 70, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Friday, May 24, 2002
     Wixner, Thomas, 83, Park Avenue, Twin Rocks (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Wednesday, May 22, 2002
     Sybert, Gerard H., 80, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Monday, May 20, 2002
     H. Richard Mardis, 65, Mundy's Corner (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Mayancsik, John S., 72, Wilmington, Delaware,formerly of Twin Rocks(Bowser-Ondriezek).
Friday, May 17, 2002
     De Yulis, Anthony Joseph, 84, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
     Pillock, John Jack, 72, Cramerton, North Carolina, native of Nanty Glo.
Wednesday, May 15, 2002
     Berezansky, Ann, 85, Mineral Point (Matevish & Matevish).
Tuesday, May 14, 2002
     Rummel, Martha, 88, Colver, native of Nanty Glo; long-time Blacklick Township resident (Matevish & Matevish).
Sunday, May 12, 2002
     Bowser Cavender, Edna (Fix), 96, formerly of Mundy's Corner (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Casale, John P., 96, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Marhefka, Thomas W., 79, Mineral Point (Francis P.Ozog).
     Place, John Edward, 73, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Saturday, May 11, 2002
     Kupchella, Phillip, 50, Twin Rocks (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Thursday, May 9, 2002
     Beltz (Wilson), Lisa Renee, 25, Vintondale (Askew-Houser).
Sunday, May 5, 2002
     Kozak, Elizabeth, 85, Washington, formerly of Mundy's Corner (Matevish).
     Silbaugh, Richard N., "Mike," 70, Twin Rocks (Askew-Houser).
Saturday, May 4, 2002
     Bowman, Shirley Mae (Hoffman), 64, Strongstown, native of Blacklick Township (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Brinzo, Steve Metro, "Dink," 40, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Thursday, May 2, 2002
     Olenchick, Helen (Komerosky), 92, Detroit, Mich., formerly of Nanty Glo.
Wednesday, May 1, 2002
     Moody, John W., "Jack," 75, Howell, Michigan, formerly of Nanty Glo (burial in Michigan).
     Zamboni, Wilda, "Weats," 83, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Tuesday, April 30, 2002
     Stephens, Elizabeth E., "Betty," 78, Belsano, native of Jackson Township (Asker-Houser).
      Toothman, Charles J., 82, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Friday, April 26, 2002
      Dixon, Bernice I., 88, Vintondale (Jon A. Meese, Seward).
Thursday, April 25, 2002
      Frear, Kathryn M., 86, Solar Street, Mundy's Corner (Askew-Houser).
Wednesday, April 24, 2002
     DeYulis, Diane, 45, Dunkirk, Md., formerly of Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
     Kimack, John T., 76, Gallitzin, formerly of Nanty Glo, (Askew-Houser)
Monday, April 22, 2002
     Galko, Andrew S., 81, Nanty Glo, (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Friday, April 19, 2002
     Baldish, Robin M., 41, Nanty Glo, (Askew-Houser).
     Sherwood, Louis, 72, Nanty Glo, (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Zakraysek, Matilda, 89, Vintondale, (Askew-Houser).
Sunday, April 14, 2002
     Smith, Minerva E., 96, Twin Rocks (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Friday, April 12, 2002
     Luzier, David, "Big Dave," 43, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Thursday, April 11, 2002
     Kanuch, John, 80, formerly of Nanty Glo (Alternative Burial, Johnstown).
Wednesday, April 10, 2002
     Rudolph, Robert, 74, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser).
Monday, April 8, 2002
     Harvey, Alfred J., 84, Portage, native of Vintondale, (Jean H. Kinley) .
Sunday, April 7, 2002
     Puch, Julia, Vinco, 70, (Askew-Houser).
Saturday, April 6, 2002

     Paul, Cleo V., 97, Belsano, (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Roles, Charlotte G., 84, Belsano, (Askew-Houser).
     Korpinen, Helen (Oill), 82, Canterbury, Conn., native of Nanty Glo, burial, Brooklyn, Conn.

Friday,  April 5, 2002
     Swalligan, Caroline, 61, Twin Rocks (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Wednesday,  April 3, 2002
     Kania, Sophia Agnes., 83, Ebensburg R.D. 2 (Blacklick Township). Native of Twin Rocks (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Friday, March 29, 2002
     Leonard, Catherine (Sybert), 84, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Sybert, Darlene, 57, Laurel Crest, Ebensburg, native of Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Thursday, March 28, 2002
     Lee, Clark R., 75, Windber, died March 28, 2002, at home. Born June 11, 1926, in Nanty Glo. Funeral was at First Baptist Church, Nanty Glo; interment in Strongstown.
Tuesday,  March 26, 2002
     Johns, Shirley A., 71, Belsano (Bowser-Minich, Indiana).
Monday,  March 25, 2002
     Kreshalk, Charles Frank, 44, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Sunday, March 24, 2002
     Bishop, Marie E., 77, Vintondale (Askew-Houser, Nanty Glo).
Saturday,  March 23, 2002
     Shamko, Helen, 84, Vintondale (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Friday, March 22, 2002
     Hawthorne, Genevieve (Croasmun), Cleveland, formerly of Nanty Glo.
     Patrick, Travis James, infant son of Kimberly Fleener and James Patrick, Vintondale (Askew-Houser, Nanty Glo).
Thursday, March 21, 2002
     Lonesky, Catherine, 96, Vintondale (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Tuesday, March 19, 2002
     Johnson, Walter L., 87, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Lesso, Josephine Alicia, 64, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser, Nanty Glo).
Sunday, March 17, 2002
     Rudolph, Dino Michael, 18, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Saturday, March 16, 2002
     Fornari, Pearl, 74, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser, Nanty Glo).
Friday, March 15, 2002
     Gallo, Frank J. Sr., 78, Jackson Township (Askew-Houser, Nanty Glo).
Wednesday,  March 13, 2002
     Murowski, Debra Lynn, 44, Twin Rocks (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Tuesday,  March 12, 2002
     Bracken, Audrey ("Boots"), 74, Largo, Fla., native of Vintondale.
Friday, March 8, 2002
     Kirkpatrick, Ada M., 93, Mundys Corner (Askew-Houser, Nanty Glo).
Wednesday,  March 6, 2002
     Garver, Vivian G. (Hutchinson), 81, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Tuesday,  February 26, 2002
     Solecki, Stanley, 75, Twin Rocks (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Sunday, February 24, 2002
     Matta, Michael F., 82, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser, Nanty Glo).
Thursday,  February 21, 2002
     Gideos, Sandra L., 56, Mundys Corner (Askew-Houser, Nanty Glo).
Wednesday,  February 20, 2002
     Adams, David Clair, 65, Bel Air, Md., native of Twin Rocks.
Sunday, February 10, 2002
     Volk, Dora M., 68, Tarentum, Allegheny County, native of Jackson Township (Duster, Tarentum).
Thursday, February 7, 2002
      Martin, Walter James, 69, West Valley City, Utah, formerly of Nanty Glo. Interment was in Utah.
Wednesday,  February 6, 2002
     Matthews, Mary Ellen, 59, Tampa, Fla., formerly of Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser, Nanty Glo).
Tuesday,  February 5, 2002
     Mervine, Marie Altha (Hunter), 87, Strongstown (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Sunday, February 3, 2002
      Lingar, Catherine, 90, Millville, N.J., formerly of Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Friday,  February 1, 2002
     Rose, Eleanor M., 66, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser). Interment at Pike Brethern Cemetery, Mundys Corner.
Tuesday,  January 29, 2002
     Brown, Irene (Elnora), 83, Mundys Corner (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Sunday, January 27, 2002
     Bezek, Mary L., 90, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Green, Erma J., 91, Laurel Crest Manor, formerly of Belsano (Askew-Houser, Nanty Glo).
Saturday, January 26, 2002
     Flick, Elaine A. (Dugan), 68, Brackenridge, Pa., native of Nanty Glo (Duster Funeral Home, Tarentum).
Saturday,  January 25, 2002
     Kankula, Helen E. (Garay), 86, Westover, formerly of Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser, Nanty Glo).
     Cassol, Bruno Petro, 79, Vintondale (Askew-Houser).
     Hill, Albert James, 74, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Wednesday,  January 23, 2002
     Gore, Paul F., 73, Tonawanda, N.Y., native of Nanty Glo.
     Gray, Dolores J., 69, Vinco (Ozog).
Monday,  January 21, 2002
     Clark, James, 71, Ebensburg (Blacklick Township) (Askew-Houser, Ebensburg).
     Sybert, Emily Elizabeth, 81, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Saturday,  January 19, 2002
     Gressley, Denver, 87, Mesa, Ariz., formerly of Belsano.
Friday,  January 18, 2002
     Bracken, Timothy, 41, Nanty Glo (Moskal, Johnstown) .
Friday,  January 11, 2002
     Sowolla, Anna Theresa, Nanty Glo (Askew-Houser, Nanty Glo).
     Vizi, Barbara (Matta), 90, Twin Rocks (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Sunday, January 6, 2002
     Antol, John, 76, Mundys Corner (Askew-Houser, Nanty Glo).
     Jacobsky, Jennie Margaret, 77, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
     Stabell, Erma, 76, Strongstown (Askew-Houser, Nanty Glo).
Saturday,  January 5, 2002
     Toth, Albert, 77, Vintondale. (Bowser-Ondriezek).
Wednesday,  January 2, 2002
     Solarz: Catherine T., 87, Nanty Glo (Bowser-Ondriezek).
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