Memories of Nanty Glo's Ceria family

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Nanty Glo native Paul Ceria submitted the photos on this page, inspired by the recently launched feature, "Who Are They?" A 1959 graduate of Nanty Glo-Vintondale High School and an army veteran now retired from teaching high school biology, Paul lives in retirement in Fayetteville, North Carolina.
Paul writes: "The man in uniform is my uncle, Joseph "Sis" Stefanchick. He was a long time resident of Nanty-Glo and a local miner. Almost everyone in town knew him for he grew up there, and after his service during World War II, he returned home and lived out his life. He passed away of cancer in 1978. The picture was taken in Tel Aviv during World War II. Sis was a gunner on B-24's and did 25 missions in the ETO. As you can see, he is wearing a Silver Star which he won by being a part of both the high-level and the low-level attacks on the oil fields at Ploesti, Romania. There were were very high losses on both raids. He also did 25 missions in the India/Burma theater, flying very dangerous sorties in unarmed B-24's carrying supplies into Burma.
"The picture above is self-explanatory, but the folks aren't named. The lady with the bow on is my cousin Mary, who was the mother of Ed Lezzer from Second Street and who graduated from Nanty Glo High School and Saint Francis College.

"The third picture is of me when I was in first grade! Good lookin', wasn't I?

"This is my sister, Caroline (nee Ceria) Simendinger. It was taken while she was in nurses training.

"This is of my aunt, Ann (nee Stefanchick) Walton. She grew up in Nanty Glo and later lived in Cleveland.







"This is of my father, Guy Ceria, who was the local cop for years. I think he is holding my sister, Caroline.




"Below is the 1955 graduating class of St. Mary's school.

"Myself and my sister, Caroline Simendinger, at a family wedding
"My Dad, Guy Ceria, at age 18
"This is of my paternal grandfather, Constantino Ceria. He lived at 1164 Rogers Sreet and died in 1957. He was an Italian immigrant and lived most of his life in Nanty Glo.


"This is my Dad and grandparents. My sister and I are the other two. I am not sure if it was Easter or Christmas since we always took pictures on those dates. I am judging from the age of me on the picture that it was about 1943 or 1944.

"My Mom, Catherine (nee Stefanchick) Ceria. I suspect the picture was taken around 1930.


"This is a photo of my Dad and an unknow Nanty Glo resident. I can't say for sure, but it may be Alec Popp, who used to manage the Acme market. I'm really not sure."

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