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NTAMHS gives public history CD show
at Blacklick Valley elementary school
March 29, 2003

The public was invited to a showing of the Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum and Historical Society history CD on Tuesday evening, March 25. A group that numbered approximately 120 people included representatives of all age groups who gathered in the Large Group Instruction Room in the Blacklick Valley Elementary School to view a portion of the CD's hundreds of photos that have been painstakingly collected by the members of the local historical society. Opening remarks were provided by NTAMHS President Janet Toth, above right, and Mr. John Dropcho, the principle creator of the CD, left, provided the narration.

The audience was treated to 90 minutes of historic, often fascinating and nostalgic photos which, among other things, included glimpses of family life, the coal industry and its effect on our lives, our local military heros, and the ethnic heritage that characterizes our population. The public viewing of the CD was born out of a history project developed by Blacklick Valley elementary teacher Ms. Terry Albright, below right, whose fourth grade students were assigned to interview older residents of the area as to their memories of life in Nanty Glo, whose name in the Welsh language means "Streams of Coal."

The students were then asked to compose essays from their interviews, three of which were selected as the best and were read to the audience preceding the showing of the CD excerpts. The three students awarded a certificate and small prizes for their essays are Jordan Kupchella, above left, who interviewed his grandfather, John Kupchella, Nanty Glo's first mayor; Olivia McClain, second from left above, who interviewed her grandmother, Priscilla Kozorosky, and Haley Russell, third from left above, who interviewed Robert Kelly.
Bill Martin, right,
Nanty Glo Journal
bureau chief and
Historical Society member,
describes historical
items on display.


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