Carla AlbertPortageruns a daycare
Michael F Bichko IIINanty Gloattends Penn State
Justin BowmanNanty Glo  
Linda A Boychuck WilletNanty Glo   
Jessica BoyerBelsano  
Scott BrackenBelsano  
Michael ConzoTwin Rocks  
Amanda CramerNanty Glo  
Heather CressleyEbensburg  
Dustin Dilling attends Florida State
Angela EdwardsNanty Glo  
Brad FarabaughPittsburgh and
Nanty Glo
2003 graduate of CCACC; student at Art Institute of
Andy FatulaNanty Glo  
Dennis FordNanty Glo  
Jonette GaborNanty Glo  
Amanda Gallahger McKendreeNanty Glo  
Jason GalliNanty Glo
Kristy GeorgeNanty Glo  
Timothy GoodVintondale  
Matthew GordonNanty Glo  
Josh GrataNanty Glo  
Peggy HartmanNanty Glo  
Dana HeitzenraterNanty Gloattends Mount Aloysius
Tiffany HelselAltoonaattends Penn State
Adam JohnsNicktown  
Jessica Johns FogelPitttsburgh  
Jennifer JohnsonNanty Glo  
Troy JonesNanty Glo  
Justin KelleyNanty Glo  
Violet KemmererNanty Glo  
Scott KirschNanty Glo  
Evelyn KishNanty Gloattends
Brandy KonsavichNanty Gloattends Penn
Melanie KopsicTwin Rocks  
Melissa KopsicTwin Rocks  
Danielle KrupaTwin Rocks  
Stacey KupchellaNanty Glo  
Joe LamantiaNanty Glo  
Daryl LandrumVintondale  
Amy LanzendorferStrongstown  
Tim LaughardNanty Glo  
Pamela LeeNanty Glo  
Robert LeeNanty Glo  
Jason LoneskyNanty Glo  
Ross LukoBelsanoattends CCACC  
Kari MalloyVintondale  
Shane MarinesNanty Glo  
Amy McCulloughNanty Glo  
RaeAnn McGoughNanty Glo  
Wesley Mckeel Nanty Glo  
Julie Ann McKendrick RummellNanty Glo married to Lloyd Rummell, 12/99
Taylor McMullenNanty Glo  
Anthony MoleskyNanty Glo  
Jennifer MullenVintondale  
Tanya NagleNanty Glo  
Robert NeunerEbensburg  
Crystal NobleVintondale  
Christie OlsavskyNanty Gloattends Cambria Cty Community
Adam OstinowskyTwin Rocks  
Amanda PelipeskyNanty Gloattends
Dana PiersonNanty Gloattends Saint Francis 
Nicole PopichNanty Gloattends Gannon
Cynthia “Cindy” RagerNanty Gloattends IUP 
Kenneth Rager, Jr Nanty Glo  
Scott RolesNanty Glo  
Angela RorabaughEbensburg  
Amy RozsiBelsano  
Tawni SalemNanty Glo  
Kellie SekerakNanty Glo  
Amber Semetosky PytashLancaster area   
Justin SheesleyVintondale  
Shaun SilkoNanty Glo
Dennis StephensNanty Glo  
Rebecca Stephens   
Adam StifflerVintondale  
Nicole StophelBelsano  
Kristy StrenkoEbensburgattends Clarion University 
Luke SwartzPortageattends Penn State 
Jason WarynovichNanty Glo  
Josh WarynovichNanty Gloattends IUP 
Sara WarynovichStrongstownattends Seton Hill
Thad WolfeNanty Glo  
Jennifer WoodleyNanty Glo  
Class news updates: Carla Albert - Graduated from the Mount with an A.A in Child Care. She lives in Portage, where she runs a daycare.
Linda Boychuck - Married Dave Willet. Lives in Nanty Glo and has a daughter.
Dustin Dilling - Graduated from CCACC with an A.A. in Liberal Arts and now attends Florida State University.
Jonette Gabor - Has a daughter.
Amanda Gallagher - Married Steve McKendree, has a baby.
Dana Heitzenrater - Graduated Western School of Health and Business in September with degree in radiology.
Jessica Johns - Engaged to Joe Fogel.
Jennifer Johnson - Has a baby.
Danielle Krupa - Married Luke Llewellan and has a daughter.
Pam Lee - Has a daughter.
Ross Luko - Attends CCACC
Julie McKendrick - Lives in Nanty Glo.
Amanda Pelipesky - Attends IUP.
Kellie Sekerak - Has a son.
Amber Semetosky - Married Dave Pytash, has a daughter, lives near Lancaster.
Nicole Stophel - Has a baby.
Luke Swartz - Lives in Portage.
This graduating class had two sets of twins (Melanie and Melissa Kopsic and Jason and Josh Warynovich), a brother and sister (Pam and Robert Lee), and an uncle and nephew (Dustin Dilling and Brad Farabaugh). They also already have a married couple...Luke and Carla Albert Swartz.


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