Boomtown Myth

Information received by the Home Page updating our perception that the former Bethlehem Mine 33 was still operating (it actually ended operations in 1994) led to the updating of the "Boomtown Myth" historical marker created by the webmaster in 1999. The revised "sign" is shown here. That Nanty Glo, Vintondale, Twin Rocks—even Cardiff—were 20th-century boomtowns is no myth but historical fact. As used here, "myth" is meant to describe the process of turning the historical fact into story—legend—full of romance and sparking the imagination and a desire for more details.

Webmaster's note: The information supplied below, between the dates, 1960 and 1994, is incorrect. See explanation here. The "sign" will be revised and replaced on this page as soon as possible.

When the faux historical marker was introduced, we wrote:

I'd like to see the state produce a real version, or a variation, of this "historical marker" and have it put up at the entrance to the Ghost Town Trail. Also, the Nantyglo, Wales, historical project suggests to me that the trail would be a good place for, perhaps, an "open air museum." Old photos and other displays could be put under plexiglas along the trail, scattered from the entrance to where it passes into Blacklick Township.

Jon Kennedy, webmaster
February 16 2001



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