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Bird watching in Nanty Glo
These five fairly uncommon bird species were spotted and photographed by Pat and David Caldwell in their yard in Jackson Township, just above town (spring, 2001). They are, in clockwise order, an American goldfinch, a Baltimore oriole, a rose breasted grosbeak, a downy woodpecker, and a cardinal oriole.

David comments: The American Gold Finch is common to this area but usually not this early in the year. Baltimore Oriole is more common in eastern Pennsylvania but is seen around here mostly in the spring.

Cardinals are common in this area during the summer but it was very unusual to see a cardinal and an oriole at the feeder together.

The downy woodpecker is common to this area but more commonly seen in the summer. The downy in the picture is a female.

The rose breasted grosbeak is common to this area in the spring and the one pictured is a male. My wife enjoyed getting the grosbeak picture because her sister, who lives in Sidman, hasn't seen any at her bird feeder (she and her father who gave us the feeder as a Christmas present).

Until we put up the bird feeder two years ago, we weren't familiar with any of these birds.

It provides as much or more enjoyment as any gift we have ever received. One picture she is trying for is a male and female cardinal at the feeder at the same time. The male will pick up a sunflower seed and feed it to the female.

We are glad to share the pictures and hope they bring enjoyment to others.


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