Beautification Committee statement on 'gazebo controversy'

In the interest of fair and unbiased coverage of local issues and events, the Nanty Glo Home Page is publishing the following statement issued by the Nanty Glo Beautification Committee regarding the recent controversy that has developed over the use of the Gazebo Park:

At no time did anyone from the Beautification Committee order any teenagers or other young people out of the gazebo. The posted rules apply to everyone who uses the gazebo. The gazebo belongs to the whole town and we have an obligation to keep it nice.

The Nanty glo Home Page has been ask to remind that several areas are available for all ages to enjoy for recreation: McMullen Field public ballfields, the Park and Pool, and the Wagner School Park site, which has basketball hoops (and skateboarding is permitted on the basketball courts when no one is playing basketball), and the Ghost Town Trail for hiking, biking, walking, jogging.

Written comments and letters regarding this issue will be put on line (published) on the Nanty Glo Home Page Forum.

Nanty Glo is not an affluent town that can provide every facility for everyone; it has financial problems, but it is "our" town and all of us have opportunities and obligations to do what we can to make it the best it can be.