'Appraisal Day,' May 19, was an SRO 'sellout'

Jeffrey Rouse, MA, ISA, AIC. of Tri-Maple Studio & New Growth Gallery in New Alexandria was the Appraiser for the day, May 19, 2001, which was billed as "a local version of the Antiques Road Show." Barb Hakanen of the Society says: "This man worked from 8:45 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. with only one very short break to use the restroom. He didn't even eat.... He was so good with the people."

NGTAMHS members Betty Leonard & Barbara Teeter
(seated on right) register folks at the door.

RIGHT: Sherri Hagens, our first customer of the day, is seen taking items, including a Minnie and Mickey Mouse Marionette set, for appraisal.

BELOW: Bill Martin with his "Treasure."


Left: Nancy (Bracken) Debiase sells a "Sybert's Mill Key Holder" to Sally (Leonard) Shuman, grand- daughter of William Sybert, builder of the Mill. Inez (Gelotte) George, daughter of Dominick Gelotte, is in background looking at old photos.

Right: Oldtimers Bill Hayes and Russell Waldron look at old photo and "remember when."
Steve Mikesic, our last customer of the day....




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