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This satellite photo by the the US Geological Survey from four miles in the air captures the whole of Nanty Glo in great detail. On the Microsoft Terraserver site it can be zoomed in to a scale ratio of one inch per 100 yards. The photo above has Pergrim Hill/Shoemaker Street extending from the center bottom to the approximate due center of the photo. Christoff Street is so clearly seen that each house can be counted, the Firehall and parking lot in the center of town (the triangle shape) is clearly seen, as is the Blacklick Creek. Chestnut Street (which is the "extension" of Shoemaker, for those who don't pay attention to street names), appears (though it's an illusion) to curve to the right through the LaMantia block to connect directly into Cardiff Road, which then curves sharply to the northeast. Just beyond that curve the bright white spot is the parking area of the Bowser-Ondreizak funeral parlor. Click the photo to see it in an interactive form on the Terraserver website.

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Photo by Brandon Williamson