Audrey George and Brandon Martinazzi of Nanty Glo...these two charmers met in the sixth grade and have been dating since 2001. Says Audrey of her beau..."He's funny, attentive, cute, and considerate."

David and Casey Coll...

This cute couple met via the internet in 1999. Casey is a Nanty Glo native and David is from Ebensburg. They tied the matrimonial knot in June 2002 and now make their home in Ebensburg R.D. 


 Homer and Irene Hoffman...

Nanty Glo. According to the Hoffmans, the secret to being together so long is to give your partner a lot of respect and never make any major purchases without consulting and agreeing. Homer and Irene met in 1932 and have been married since 1937.


Dave and Judy Dilling

...met at a church youth group function. They've been married since September 21, 1961 and are the parents of four children. "Tolerance, love and commitment for each other and our family, and faith in God has kept us together all these years," says Judy. The Dillings live in Nanty Glo. 


Lester "Bill" and Bonnie Farabaugh

met in 1977 when Bonnie was a freshman in high school..."I would see her sitting on the steps of St. Mary's School," says Bill.. "I thought she was cute." These two sweethearts tied the knot in 1980. Three children and 22 years later, Bonnie says; "Love, devotion and a sense of humor have kept us together." The Farabaughs live in Nanty Glo. 


Alex Evanego and
Jane Blair

...both widowed, have been dating steadily since their chance meeting at a local restaurant in April 2002. "Alex is a lot of fun...and he's an altogether nice guy," says Jane. Alex is from Mundys Corner and Jane is from Nanty Glo. 

Cupid was on duty in 1993 when Dave and Sherri Stevenson met in Baltimore. Sherri is a Jackson Township native. This fun-loving and attractive couple has been married since 1995 and currently live in Maryland.
Marty Barosky and Reneé Boldin. "We met through my step-father, and we've been together for four years. I can't say enough good things about Marty; He's intelligent, loving, humorous, unselfish...but best of all, he's my best friend," says Reneé. Marty and Reneé live in Nanty Glo. 
Ryan Farabaugh and his sweetie Courtney Mills met in high school. They've been dating for a year. "I like her because she's cute, smart and sweet," says Ryan. This cute couple is from Nanty Glo. 
From Willows, California....former Vintondale boy, Bob Kennedy, and his bride of 18 months, Katie...beautiful Katie. Bob saw Katie in church and his heart skipped a beat. "We started dating and realized after a while... we had fallen love! That was a shocker, as we didn't think at our age that would ever happen," says Bob. 
Bob and Marion Rorabaugh have been married since October 23, 1952. "I took a liking to her because she had all those freckles," says Bob. These two lovebirds have been together all these years because "We kind of liked each other...and it was the proper thing to do." Bob is a native of Nanty Glo. The Rorabaughs live in Revloc. 
Rodger and Mary Burkhart...These two Love Birds met in 1968 via a mutual friend. Destined to be together....even the Vietnam War couldn't keep them apart! Married since June 19, 1970, Jackson Township native "Butch" and Mary are the parents of three grown sons and live in Pasadena, Maryland. "I guess what has kept us together all these years is our strong family ties. Our parents stayed together through thick and thin...and so did we," says Mary. 
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