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Historic Nantyglo house is up for sale

Hi there,

Ty MeddygI was given your [email] address, as they thought you would be interested in 'Ty Meddyg,' Farm Road, Nantyglo. The old house was the Doctor's house from the old Iron works of that area. It is owned by my school friend and was, years ago, converted into two flats, but the staircase was left in so it can be converted back to a house with little trouble.

It is now up for sale and of course, as you can imagine, having a lot of interest, especially as it is a listed building. There are so many people walk up their drive on tours from time to time so it is well known. The old house is right opposite the Round Houses of Nantyglo. Just thought it would be of interest to you.

(originally from Ebbw Vale)

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