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Nanty Glo, Pa., on display in
Nantyglo/Blaina, Wales

Trevor Rowson, the official historian of Nantyglo-Blaina, Wales, submitted the following photographs taken at an exhibition featuring Nanty Glo, Pennsylvania, USA at the Nantyglo and Blaina council offices in March. The exhibit consisted of photographs, articles, and momentoes of Nanty Glo, Pa.

He wrote: “I thought you would like to see them.

“I have some more if you wish to view them; you can also use these pictures on the nantyglo web site if you wish.

“The exhibition lasted one week and was a great success.”

Trevor hosted the webmaster and his brother in a tour of his area last October. A reciprocal exhibition about the Welsh former coalmining and iron production center in the Pennsylvania Nanty Glo is in the planning stages. —Webmaster

The exhibit wall. Click photo for an enlarged view.

The Mayor officially opens the exhibit.

Crowds gather....



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