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A brief description of Nantyglo

Webmaster's note: After receiving an initial email from Rob James of Nantyglo, Wales, United Kingdom, our first ever from the "old world," we asked him to tell us about Nantyglo, Wales. The substance of his reply follows.

Rob James

Nantyglo is a small village in South Wales about 3/4 of an hour's drive from Cardiff. It's a pretty rundown town these days.

There used to be a lot of mines in this valley, but they are all closed now. As for stores, we have a Post Office, two general stores and a motorbike shop...oh, and six pubs. Actually, there are only two pubs, but there are four clubs, a workman's club, rugby club, golf club and a private members club. You'll understand that I devote so much time to telling you about these places because I tend to spend quite a lot of time researching them myself!!!!!! (oh come on, I'm only 27; I need to relax).

The nearest Macs [McDonald's] is a 10-minute drive away, in a town called Ebbw Vale. I actually worked in Pennsylvania several years ago, in a town called Greeley, near Scranton in Eastern Pa.; they have a AAA team called the Red Barons who I went to see a few times.

So there you have it!

Rob James

Contributions to this page of photos, anecdotes or additional information about Nantyglo, Wales, and the Ebbw Fach Valley will gladly be received.


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