Vikings tailgate party brings out 'whole valley'
October 3, 2004
Sent by Bonnie Farabaugh

Friday night, October 1, the very first Blacklick Valley Tailgate Party was held on the high school practice/track field. A "family"-oriented party was decided upon instead of the usual bonfire. Tickets were sold for $5, which included a wide variety of delicious food, soda, games and entertainment.

WHAT A TURN seemed like the whole valley was there, showing their support! I have no doubt that this will be an event that the town will look forward to for years to come. I've included a few pictures.

....the Blacklick Valley High School band played informally at the tailgate/'pep rally'
The cheerleaders did their part
The food line
Crowd shot
The Blacklick Valley Junior High School Vikings
Viking merchandise has turned into a local industry with this winning season
And finally, the Blacklick Valley Vikings, 2004
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