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 1. Belsano's Triangle Restaurant

 2. Roberts St., Nanty Glo's former main downtown strip
 3. Public transit stop in Nanty Glo
 4. Acid mine drainage project, Vintondale
 5. AMD "loves" cat-o-nine-tails
 6. Vintondale boney pile/rock dump
 7. Vintondale historic site sign
 8. Plank Road area, entering V'dale
 9. Vintondale downtown, wide angle
10. Closer shot to downtown V'dale
11. Close up of Sts. Peter and Paul
12. Iron furnace historical site sign
13. Eliza iron furnace, Vintondale
14. Deer crossing, skew arch bridge, Portage Railroad National Park site
15. Groundhog, Portage RR site
16. Restored bar in Lemon House
17. Art that inspired bar restoration
18. Lemon House, Portage RR site
19. Portage Railroad, Lemon House
20. Barn housing cable motor for RR
21. Staple Bend Tunnel entrance
22. Inside Staple Bend Tunnel
23. North or East entrance of Staple Bend Tunnel, nation's first RR tunnel
24. Webmaster at tunnel entrance
25. Stone railroad ties near tunnel
26. Down Johnstown's Inclined Plane
27. Beautiful downtown Johnstown
28. Another view of downtown
29. CLoser view
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