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Jim Toth, a retired US Navy chief, is the treasurer and general projects manager of the Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum and Historical Society.

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Blog ENTRY 22 | October 23 2013

To say this is easy would be incorrect.

We all have our homes, families, and work to juggle. The boss gets the worst of it. I now am going on my eighth year with the Historical Society. The time flies on by. The work is never ending, juggling all that is going on and keeping the books. I am getting closer to the day that I can step back. The museum is getting closer and closer to opening.

The cafe is showing that it's able to support itself.

We all have to look to see what's being done and what's going on. Just because you don't see it happening does not mean it's not taking place. We ask for the support of everyone in an attempt to make the town better, to save artifacts of our glorious history is the Society's main goal, but times are changing. It seems just now that if it's not on the computer or readily accessible, we don't care to need to know.

I often wonder if the time will come when all the computers or the Internet will just shut down, as in the TV show Revolution (preview here). What will these people dependent on their computers do? The show reflects life without electricity, without TV, video games, and even cars. We go back to horse and buggies and backyard gardens, and places where you know your neighbors.

I like the show because it brings back the human aspects of life. It shows who would prevail and who would falter, as the great depression did. That was a time that still haunts us today. When older people pass away and their families go in to clean out their homes, they often say that those people were packrats. But those packrats knew how to stretch a dollar. If you got a mouse hole in the floor, you'd take an empty soup can, flatten it, and tack it over the hole. Need to store something? Grab an empty butter tub. Need a shovel? Go to the garage and look through the stack and you may find one with a good enough handle to use.

The recent government shutdown made me think about who would have been the most hard hit by such an event, had it continued. It would have been our seniors, military veterans, and retirees. I think we need to do something to protect those people and then let our politicians go without a pay.

Does the country need to go into default? Maybe! Maybe we can use that as a reset as the depression did many years before. Let's go back and start again. See if we can get it right THIS TIME. But first, protect the pensions and paychecks of those who already paid in and should get paid back!


— Jim

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