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Jim Toth, a retired US Navy chief, is the treasurer and general projects manager of the Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum and Historical Society.

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Blog ENTRY 17 | March 27 2013

Well another year has passed. I am yet older again. I look forward to my birthday, as most people do, as it is the first full day of spring. But this year, not so much. The snow is still trying to pile up and mother nature may have different plans than our ground hog did.

Looking at the year in review. I had a great time with Jon Kennedy over the summer. We went exploring and saw everything from buffalo to standing under the giant windmills. Just before Jon came for his visit, I adopted Fred the Beagle. After Jonís countless walks, Fred is in great shape.

Speaking of Fred. My sisterís daughter moved up from Florida. Just after her arrival, I went into the hospital for a short stay. My niece was taking care of Fred. When my sister started talking about her daughter and Fred, everyone in Florida thought she moved up here and got married to a guy named Fred.

But back to my year. My son went into the Air Force. After he graduation for his school, he flew home. He and I went out and purchased a new car for him, a little Toyota. I moved him to his new duty station in Omaha. It was a wonderful trip, but his car got 47 mph and my truck with the trailer got 8! Something wrong with this picture.

A few months later I went back to see him again. This time was for to spend time with him without the hassle of trying to move and put everything away in his new house, not to mention that I forgot my tool box and had to go to Home Depot and get everything again. He was happy to have new tools; wish I had new tools.

While in Omaha, my motorcycle was stolen from the rear of the Cafe. It was under the deck of the apartment upstairs. Just another thing to happen. You get kind of use to working with the courts and the people assigned to you taking little things like some tools. But a motorcycle, wow. It did not even have 1000 miles on it. I paid off the note and decided not to get another.

In my home, I finished another room. The bedroom was ripped out from the basement to the attic. New floors and beams were installed. Now I have a bedroom with 20-foot ceilings and a loft. But what is a house if it is not having something done with it? So I ripped out anther room and started the master bath. What was I thinking?

In November, I went in for another back surgery. I was out of work for two months. The entire Historical Society board of directors jumped in. Everyone took over my job at the Society and Cafe. It seemed weird not coming in every day, working my normal 50 hour weeks. So I kept calling in and having stuff emailed to me that I could work on from home. Once a workaholic always one, I guess.

As for the Historical Society, we have made great strides in the Cafe and empting the stored items out of the museum. We still have a lot to move, but we are getting there as we have a crew.

Now I have a full house again. My boys (sort of adopted, but not officially) have moved in. So I went from living alone to adult boys, one adult lady and a one-year-old. It is so great to have them there and to hear little feet running around the house again. Makes me remember all nine of us running around the house as we grew up. The house structure may have changed, but it is still my homestead.

So that brings me to a close. I hope you enjoy this little review. I pray that you will have a great year ahead of you, as I pray for a great year too.

— Jim

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