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Jim Toth, a retired US Navy chief, is the treasurer and general projects manager of the Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum and Historical Society.

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Blog ENTRY 16 | February 21 2013

It's time for another update on the Historical Society's Liberty Museum project.

With winter upon us and no heat in the museum, the Historical Society is taking the winter to pay off the debt we accumulated over the summer months. This year with the cafe and corporate office we have been able to start the big move out of the Library and other places. As of today, we are able to turn one room back over to the library.

Also, we have been able to move five truckloads of historical items out of the museum. With all the items in the museum, we have been tripping over everything or having to constantly move it around. The corporate office on the second floor has been finished and a new research room has been put in. This puts all of the research department in one location, making it easier to look up and store all our paperwork in a heated room.

Every winter the Historical Society abstains from holding a meeting as some members have to travel. Being all volunteers, it would not be fair to put anyone on the roads. When the weather is better, we will be back in full swing.

Most of our work can be done online. Day-to-day operations are still being approved by the board. An example would be the newsletter being completed, approved, printed and mailed. I guess the age of computers is a good thing for most of our operations.

The Cafe, this being winter and all, is still making it on its own, paying the bills and paying for the construction debt. We have a great staff of volunteers running it. The volunteer staff working the cafe is up to 12 people, all dedicated to our cause. As soon as the weather breaks, we should be back on track to get back to the museum.

We are about two weeks away from finishing the second floor storeroom in the museum; it's down to the drywall and insulation. This was possible in great part because of a $2000 donation earlier in this year from a local club. The money was used to pay the wiring bill.

I feel that with it being cold and with no heat in the museum, we cannot ask a group of people to work in such cold. So it will be our next big project to complete this room and move the rest of our inventory into it.

Great strides have been made by everyone. Funds and cold seem to be our holdup at this time. But we are getting there.

Many meetings have been made with the Small Business Association and one other center to get the financing to complete this project. I want to assure you that I am completely committed to completing the museum.

Once everything is up and running, I may be able to go back into retirement and do some more traveling. My goal is to complete everything so the helm can be turned over to the professionals and I can travel more to see my son and family.

I want to thank everyone for the patience and the efforts to help complete everything. I am available at the cafe office most days, or just email me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you again,

— Jim

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