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JONAL ENTRY 1261 | January 29 2013

In response to my previous entry about my walk on the Ghost Town Trail from Nanty Glo toward Ebensburg one hot July evening last summer, Phil Bartoletti sent four photos that captured memories from that region. The first seems especially fitting for our recent winter weather. This, taken possibly in the early '60s by the appearance of the cars, is the location of the still photo in the previous entry, where the PRR formerly passed under the C&I RR where the C&I crossed the Blacklick Creek to enter the Heisley Mine yard. The PRR tracks in this photo are now the location of the trail near the Springfield section of Nanty Glo.

The second and third pictures are almost identical views of the C&I overpass at the junction of Beulah Road and what is now known as Allie Buck Road. The first appears to have been taken from the left side of Buelah Road and the second from the right side and closer to the overpass.

Allie Buck Road is now paved and the overpass is completely gone.

Phil says of this final photo, "the last picture of C&I cars was taken right in front of my house (more than 100 miles away from Nanty Glo), some time after the railroad was shut down." As documented here in July, the C&I Railroad ceased operation in 1994, well after the the Pennsylvania Railroad merged with the New York Central (1968) and the Penn-Central subsequently declared bankruptcy (1970).

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