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JONAL ENTRY 1260 | January 21 2013

Picking up on the series begun here on September 17 to share the memories, photos, and videos of my summer in Cambria County (working at the Liberty Cafe in Nanty Glo by day and staying with host Jim Toth in Loretto for my nights), I turn now to my hikes on the Ghost Town Trail. My first chance to get on the trail was on July 17, during a break after work and before that evening's meeting of the Historical Society (NTAMHS) board at the Liberty Cafe. The temperature was over 90 degrees, and the sun was so dazzling that the first couple of minutes of the video is overwhelmed by it (the camera soon adjusts). This is a large file (about 17 minutes) so it takes a while for the movie to start appearing; the YouTube version starts more quickly.

Click the > on the video to launch. After the video launches, double-click the screen to play it at full-screen. If your browser cannot open the video in Windows Media format, you can try it on YouTube, here.

Near the beginning of the video I wonder aloud whether the western terminus of the Trail (25 miles away, according to a mile marker near the eastern entrance to Nanty Glo) might be Armagh or Blairsville. I later learned that it is actually in the town of Blacklick (often spelled Black Lick), four miles short of Blairsville. There the Blacklick Creek ends by joining another tributary to the Conemaugh and eventually the Allegheny and Ohio rivers. And the Ghost Town Trail ends there, too, (in Saylor Park) but meets another trail that leads on to the borough of Indiana.

The abutment of the overpass of the C&I Railroad where it once crossed the Pennsylvania Railroad spur near the eastern entrance to Nanty Glo via the PRR. The Ghost Town Trail follows the PRR's former route from Ebensburg to the town of Blacklick in Indiana County. The C&I, which was originally co-owned by the founding owner of Nanty Glo's Heisley Mine (John Heisley Weaver), and later by Bethlehem Mines when the mine and railroad were acquired by Bethlehem Steel's mines subsidiary, ran to the tipple of the mine across the creek

My first trail hike of the summer was only about a mile and a half out and the same distance back to town, as I had agreed to participate in the NTAMHS board meeting later that evening.

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