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JONAL ENTRY 1276 | April 9 2013

While surfing in the YouTube site this morning, I came across a comedy video that is down the alley of most Pennsylvanians and former Pennsylvanians, so I'm sharing this with just the Nanty Glo Notify list and not with those who've asked for my Ireland updates. Some of you may have already stumbled upon it, in which case all I'll say is, shame, shame on you for not sharing it with the rest of us! LOL

This is a parody of the viral video that was featured in countless TV shows in the past season and even won its South Korean originator, Psy, a guest spot on Saturday Night Live, "Gangnam Style." This is "Pennsylvania Style," embedded from YouTube:

Though it is six minutes long, the images go by so fast and furiously that I'm not sure Nanty Glo is not mentioned, though I did not catch it if it is. Johnstown and Altoona are in there, along with many other familiar places, and Johnstown gets about twice as long an exposure as Altoona (a couple seconds on the Inclined Plane versus just a flash of a Sheetz store).

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