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JONAL ENTRY 1250 | September 6 2012

My heart and thoughts are still on the banks of the Blacklick Creek, segments of the Ghost Town Trail from Revloc to the Indiana County borough of Blacklick, and the streets of Loretto, but my weary bones and eyes are back in San Jose after two thankfully uneventful flights from Pittsburgh and Houston yesterday. Thanks to those who saw me off at the Liberty Cafe, some of whom are seen in the photo below:

From left, Liberty Museum project coordinator Paul Wilson, yours truly, Marty Sebetich, and Historical Society treasurer and general manager Jim Toth

Special thanks to Janet Toth for taking the picture, for Jim for making the whole summer possible through his generous hospitality in Loretto, to John Golias for providing my transportation from the train station on June 10 and from the cafe to the airport on September 5, and to Janet and Bill Toth for loaning one of their vehicles for my use during important parts of my visit.

Paul Wilson and his wife Cindy are new acquaintances whose hard work and friendliness helped make the visit enjoyable, and Marty Sebetich is a friend from high school days who shared coffee and memories for part of most of my days at the cafe and took me to breakfast at Kimmies one morning, and he and his wife Mell Anne welcomed me at their home on another day. I also enjoyed meals with Barb Hakanen, Marlene James, and John's sister Teresa Golias at other memorable days during my summer.

And John took me to meet his Amish friends near Smicksburg and he and his wife Teresa entertained me in their home and sent me back to Loretto with an armful of fresh tomatoes and peppers from their garden. Their black tomatoes were new to me, but I especially liked their sweet flavor. Clem Deffenbaugh dropped into the cafe several times while I was there and he took me to see parts of Nanty Glo that I'd never been to before on my next to last day in town. Another highlight was an hour or two at the Cambria County Fair with Jim Toth on Monday evening, my first time at the fair since my days as editor of the Journal in the '60s; it was gratifying to see that it has retained much the same feel and sights (and many of the smells) I so well remembered.

Click the > on the video to launch. After the video launches, double-click the screen to play it at full-screen. If your browser cannot open the video in Windows Media format, you can try it on YouTube, here.

Today's video is a recap of our time at the Fair in just over three minutes. It's no Oscar contender, but I hope it captures the mood and will inspire some Cambria Countians to get off their chairs and take it in while there's still time.

But not on Friday evening; who could give up a chance to see the Vikings play their first home game under their own lights on McMullen Field?

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