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JONAL ENTRY 1236 | JUNE 27 2012

This from Paul Simendinger:

Another topic for discussion: ORDER OF THE ODD FELLOWS. We lived on Shoemaker street between Ross Commons and a building occupied by THE ORDER OF THE ODD FELLOWS (later Dino's barber shop). The Grand Theatre was across the street, along with the Wagon Wheel, owned by Anthony Agalatti. On July 14, 1935 (my sixth birthday) my sister and I were going to the confectionery store next to the hotel (Mary Swigles). As we were going down the street, some older boys came running down the street and I was shoved into the path of a brand new automobile. (The man had just purchased it...drove it about an eighth of a mile, before he hit me.) I ended up bandaged like a broken bones. To this day, I can remember being under that car, and being pulled out by my feet. The poor man was beside himself. He returned the car to Costlows. He then visited me every day for about two weeks.

Back to the Odd Fellows...I believe they originated in England, and their purpose was to do charity work for the community.

Hope I am not intruding into your commentary on the town. I just remember these things of my childhood.

It's never a problem getting other points of view about topics discussed here or having new ones proposed for discussion; it's never an intrusion. In fact, that's the way I'd prefer to operate.

I don't know much about the Odd Fellows, but remember that when I was editing the Journal (1962-64) a local businessman I respected and liked invited me to join the Nanty Glo lodge (I gather it is referred to as a "lodge" rather than a club or association like Lions or Kiwanis). My strict Baptist mother was against it and had me read arguments by religious leaders who opposed it and all lodges as "secret societies" with initiations involving oaths that they felt conflict with Christian teachings (such as promising to prefer fellow lodge members over any other people). I later learned that the Catholic Church also opposes Masonic-type lodges and some leaders of the Orthodox churches also oppose them (though some bishops may actually be Masons, I have also read). Apparently the Knights of Columbus was started as an alternative to the lodges for Catholic men.

So, are there any Odd Fellows left in Nanty Glo? Please feel free to give any information or other opinion of them in this space.

Only the name has changed

Today's photo is of a local landmark on Shoemaker Street known for years as the Gold Crown Foodland market. Recently, the co-op that the locally owned store belongs to decided to change all store names from Foodland to Shop 'n Save. There are 76 independently owned Shop 'n Save stores in the greater Pittsburgh district and another company named Shop 'n Save in Missouri and Illinois that is owned by SuperValu, which also serves as the wholesaler-distributor for the tri-state local stores. SuperValu is also the parent company of Acme Markets in eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and Delaware; Albertsons Markets in Florida and other places; Jewel-Osco in Chicago and beyond, and others. The Previte family remain the owners of the Nanty Glo Shop 'n Save.

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