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JONAL ENTRY 1232 | JUNE 13 2012

My return to Cape May, NJ, last week was a once-in-a-lifetime event on a variety of counts. I was the guest of my former Shelton College roommate, Darrell Kopp, and his wife Linda, lifelong friends I had not seen in decades. When I was a senior at Shelton, I was the "publisher" of the school newspaper and Darrell was its editor. Most school papers are published by the school or the student government and don't have a publisher as such, but my having that title reflected a special post created by the Dean in recognition that I, like the Dean himself, was then reporting directly to the school's president, Dr. Carl McIntire, me as one of his editors and the PR writer for several of his many ministries, and the Dean, of course, as the college's chief operating officer.

Though enrolled as a senior, my editorial job and the fact that I was a little older than most undergrads gave me more authority, and more entre to the school administrators, than regular students. As "publisher" I was the go-between between the student staff of the Shelton Student News and the school administration. Darrell at the time had aspirations to study politics and law, but gladly became the paper's editor when he and I came up with the idea of launching it. Linda (then Linda Platt) was the paper's main proof-reader. They are now publishers of a newspaper serving southern New Jersey's Cumberland County (major towns: Millville, Vineland, and Bridgeton) the Reminder.


The picture above is of the Congress Hall, which was discussed in the previus post, as it looks now. Though I have never stayed there, its role in the literal fall of the Christian Admiral, my summer and college home for four years, makes it worth showing. You can decide, or at least ponder, whether the sacrifice made to save this historic and beautiful hotel was worth it.

Finally, the 2.48-minute video below captures a bit of the final event in my week in Cape May, a visit to the Victorian Fair at the Emlen Physick House near the center of town..The nostalgia this little video stirs up—drawing us into a gentler time and place—is typical of the whole of the Cape May experience as I have long known it.


After the video launches, double-click the screen to play it at full-screen. If your browser cannot open the video in this format, you can try it on YouTube, here.

I took many additional photos, videos, and made more memories I'd like to share, but it's time to move on.

Next: to Nanty Glo via Amtrak.

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