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First real visit to Lancaster, Pa.

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JONAL ENTRY 1229 | JUNE 2 2012

In my mid-twenties, when I was working in Collingswood and Cape May, New Jersey, I often drove route US 30 from Philadelphia to Bedford, to avoid the exorbitant (to me, then) tolls on the Turnpike when coming home for visits with my family on Redmill Road. So I've been in Lancaster many times, but in reality this is the first time I ever set foot in it. Maybe I gassed up there once but if that's true I don't remember it so it hardly counts as actually spending time in Lancaster. The video below captures much of my first real experience of the city, yesterday.


After video launches, double-click the screen to play it at full-screen. If your browser cannot open the video in this format, you can try it on YouTube, here.

I flew from San Jose to Philadelphia on Thursday, my seventieth birthday, and after spending the night at a Philadelphia airport hotel, took the Septa train into the Amtrak station, and thence to Lancaster via what we old-timers still want to call the PRR mainline. I was surprised that on Amtrak it's only just over an hour from the Philadelphia terminal to Lancaster; I feel sure it always took much longer than that to drive it, but doing that via route 30, suburban traffic all the way, would explain it.

I came for a college reunion in Bird-in-Hand, a village I've been hearing of much of my life but never visited before today. It's just four miles west of Intercourse, which I have also heard about often but have yet to visit. By the way, appropos the final point on the soundtrack of this 2.10-minute video clip, the normally $7 fare on Septa from the airport to center city was only $1 for me as a Medicare card holder, and even Amtrak discounted the $19 adult fare between the two cities three dollars, even though it does not advertise a seniors' fare rate.

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