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The C&I Railroad's last trip to
Colver, April 22 1994, Part 2

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JONAL ENTRY 1242 | JULY 27 2012

This second segment (of four) of the last trip to Colver by a C&I train that began in Revloc, reaches Colver where it will add ten empty C&I coal cars that had been sold to another railroad as the C&I was ending operations. This train was set to end its trip at the Conrail tracks at Ebensburg. By 1994, when this video was shot, Mine 33 at Ebensburg was Bethlehem Mines' last working mine in the area and it was also closing then. The rail yard at Revloc, property which, like the C&I itself (and Heisley Mine), had been acquired by Bethlehem in 1948 after the death of John Heisley Weaver in 1934, was more conveniently located to most of the company's work at the time than the C&I's home offices, yards, and car shops in Colver.

Click the > on the video to launch. After the video launches, double-click the screen to play it at full-screen. If your browser cannot open the video in Windows Media format, you can try it on YouTube, here.

Part two, though no shorter in running time than part one, has fewer named locations. But soon after the opening, the camera pans westward from the Route 422 overpass for some good glimpses of Belsano. It also has some interesting conversations between the videographer and the engineer, including comments about the armed robbery of a C&I train and the murder of one of its crewmen in 1924. (See an account of that story, here.)

Now for something totally different.

The photo above, at first glimpse resembling a Japanese water color print, shows the one-time Cardiff bridge that linked the original hamlet of company houses of Nettleton to the main road to Twin Rocks (now known as Expedite Road). By the time this was taken, the railroad had gone out of business and the rail bed seems to have been turned into a trail or quad path. Notice the large boulders blocking the path under the center of the bridge and the easy workaround the users created. The bridge is seen briefly in part one of the C&I video when the engines pass through it. Thanks to Ed Thompson for sending this history-catching picture.

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