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JONAL ENTRY 1217 | January 15 2012

Two readers weighed in on yesterday's comments on Tim Tebow and his testimonies for Jesus through his vocation, pro football quarterback. His rookie season ended last night with a rout of his team, the Denver Broncos, by what the experts considered a much stronger team, the Boston Patriots led by seasoned quarterback Tom Brady. I for one hope there will be more Tim Tebow talk next football season, but whatever happens, his first pro season won't be forgotten.

The first reply came from Marion Butz, who forwarded an email with a photograph that she said came from a friend in York.

Why is there only one on the right hand side?

Makes you wonder what has happened to our country, doesn't it?

Sallie Covolo sent two notes, one based on last night's Broncos-Patriots game and the other inspired by today's church service. The first:

Dominic watches football on his tv, and wanted me to see Tim Tebow. I watched last night as Denver played New England, and did not see anything spectacular with Tebow and the Bronco team. I do not believe that the Lord takes sides in football games. But Tebow seems like a nice young man.

A man who went to school with our daughter Jamie in San Jose became a fairly well known player for the 49ers. That would be Brent Jones, who I knew attended a local church and was involved in service there. I do not believe it was generally known that Brent Jones was a Christian, but since we knew his family we knew him to be a Christian man. I know there are other Christian men on other teams, probably on the Steelers too, but they do not receive media attention, possibly because they are not as colorful as Tim Tebow. Well Tebow seems to be a very good football player, from what I have seen.

My sister Mary went to high school in Cleveland with a man who became a pro football player, Tom Matte (who was born in Pittsburgh but grew up in East Cleveland, and my sister and he were in the same home room because they arranged home rooms alphabetically. I do not know if Tom Matte was a Christian.

Well anyway, I think Tim Tebow is a fine young man and Power To Him.

Sallie Covolo

Sallie's followup letter:

In the game I watched yesterday, I did not see his team protecting Tim Tebow as the Patriots protected [Tom] Brady, their quarterback.

The Lodi News Sentinel featured an article on Tim Tebow by Ross Farrow/News-Sentinel Staff writer

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow's public proclamations of his Christian faith during the Broncos' recent victories have created friends and alienated others.

Some enjoy his public devotion to God, some say it's a constitutional right, and some maintain he should keep his thoughts to himself. His tendency to crouch down on one knee and pray during games is expected during today's National Football League playoff game against the New England Patriots.

Here are some reactions our pastor commented on Tim Tebow..His name is Steven Liparoto. This was his comment, Steven Liparoto, Calvary Bible Church, Acampo [Calif.]:

I don't follow football or know about the players, but I have read about Tim Tebow, his faith and the good work that he and others along with him are accomplishing in the name of Jesus. I, for one, am glad to see him use his public platform in such a way as to truly honor the core values of biblical faith — faith, hope and love.

His apparent goal to bring light into the dark places of tragedy, hurt, pain and suffering is a redemptive strategy that we should emulate. From what I can see from a distance, not knowing the man personally, [Tebow] is one man whose heart for Christ and people models the great commandment — "You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind" (Matthew 24: 37-40). This is the first and greatest commandment. A second is equally important: "Love your neighbor as yourself." The entire law and all the demands of the prophets are based on these two commandments.

Jesus' words ring true in my ears as I consider Tim Tebow and reflect on his public acknowledgment of his faith, which he seems to have effectively found a way to live out for all the world to see.

Way to go, Tim. I pray you remain faithful to your call.

— Webmaster Jon Kennedy