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JONAL ENTRY 1216 | January 14 2012

I received one response to my request for new topics, which I held to add to today's buzz over tonight's NFL playoff game between Denver and Boston, and so I am interrupting the discussion of heaven and/or hell to open this alternate and inevitable thread.

What is your take on Tim Tebow and the "Tebow" bashing that has been happening in the country? Being a longtime Pgh Steeler fan, I thought if we had to lose [last weekend] maybe being beaten by Tebow and the Denver Broncos would be OK with me. Any thoughts?

A happy and healthy New Year,
Jack Koscho

I agree, of course, and take the "Tebow bashing" as part of the persecution Jesus told his disciples they would undergo. Those who despise Him will despise anyone identifying with Him.

But more important than the bashing is the enthusiasm Tebow is inspiring as the first genuine hero and role model the nation seems to have had in a long time. That should never become worship, of course, but it is appropriate to hold up such examples for emulation and imitation, especially by the young, which is what has always been behind the whole tradition of sainthood. I've found it heart-warming to see panelists on a show on the Catholic network EWTN last week joining the enthusiasm for the evangelical Protestant Tim Tebow, and also to note that Orthodox Jews are among his admirers.

The idea of giving credit for heroism where it is due is captured just right, I think, in a quotation from a response to an online opinion article about Tebow: "An atheist watching Tim Tebow is like an orphan watching a child being doted upon by loving parents; profoundly sad." Of course this is what we would hope-for for every Christian, but it will always be the exception rather than the rule.

Here's the link to the excellent article by Jewish writer and radio host Michael Medved that inspired the quotation above and which has much more to say about the bashing. And below is a YouTube embedded clip of a game-winning play to show anyone who's missed it what the fuss is all about.

As always, additional thoughts or comments are welcome.

Thanks to Zan Kriegel for sending me the links above..

— Webmaster Jon Kennedy