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The Vintondale Homecoming 2012

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JONAL ENTRY 1249 | August 31 2012

Despite a one-year hiatus, a new and earlier date, and new management, I would rate the Vintondale Homecoming of 2012 a great success, with attendance that seemed close enough to that of most of the homecomings of the previous decades to assure its continuation as a major event in Vintondale's summers on into the future. There were many mentions, among attendees, of sad regret on behalf of the many faces no longer seen, as an older generation of Vintondalers passes on, but the presence of many children and their parents and a new generation of grandparents gave reassurance that the town and its homecomings have a future.

Click the > on the video to launch. After the video launches, double-click the screen to play it at full-screen. If your browser cannot open the video in Windows Media format, you can try it on YouTube, here.

The video above, which runs a little over 12 minutes, captures most of the activity of the day, from the slow buildup of attendance at opening time (1 p.m.), through the presentations of the Robinson of Pak's martial arts students, the children's races, the rubber duck race on the Blacklick Creek and the conversations in the homecoming pavillion. Though I saw some balloons being twisted into animal shapes, I never did find a stilt walker working the crowd as pre-event publicity had forecast.

I did not stay for the evening music and have had no reports on whether the younger generation came in in numbers large enough to offset the exodus of children and grandparents when the sun slipped behind the western hills. This being my only chance to visit Vintondale this summer, I ended my day with a walk to the trail heads, the iron furnace, and the C&I railroad car on display at the Rexis trail head toward Redmill. The latter is shown above; I hope to post others taken during the day, including the historic Vintondale jail cell now on display on the site of the former Pennsylvania Railroad station, after I get back home to California next week.

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