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JONAL ENTRY 1224 | April 22 2012

Pascha (Eastern Orthodox Easter) Sunday was the best one in some time for a video hike, so I went to the Stanford Hills between Page Mill Road and the town of Los Altos, California, last Sunday afternoon. A Nanty Glo friend of many years ago who now lives in the area had recommended the Matadero Creek Trail to me months earlier, so I had been eager to check it out ever since. The video is one of the longest in the Jonal collection, coming in at more than 22 minutes.


If your browser cannot open the video in this format, you can try it on YouTube, here.

The web page about the trail referenced in the narration several times is linked here.

The "X" on the map below marks the spot where I parked my car near the end of Old Page Mill Road, and the red arrow-lines show my progress across the new Page Mill Road, up the bike trail for a while until I reached the hiking trail just west of Deer Creek Road. The trail itself is 1.1 miles, so the walk may have been a total of two and a half miles, though with time for recording, it took me approximately two hours.

In all, this is an excellent short walk over very scenic terrain, enhanced by close views of horses, cattle, and some wildlife (jack rabbits, squirrels, and a cormorant in this instance). I have noted the location of the Stanford University radiotelescope on the north side of Page Mill Road, for a reference point to those who've seen an earlier hike Jonal built around that installation.

— Webmaster Jon Kennedy

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