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Folger Stables at Wunderlich Park, Woodside

After finishing our look around the Woodside Store as recorded in yesterday's video, we proceeded a couple of miles to Wunderlich Park, the site of the former Folger Stables. The Folger Mansion and lands were sold to a family named Wunderlich, who separated out the stables and the section of the esstate that is now the 942-acre public park. They continued to reside in the house, which is still privately owned (whether the large house seen in this video is the former Folger/Wunderlich mansion I have not ascertained). I must remember to pan the camera more slowly and get closer for close-ups such as of the horses.

Click the play button above for the Windows Media version, or if you are on a platform that is not Windows-compatible, click here to watch the video on YouTube. Double-click to make the video above full-screen.


Today's map is a closer view of "greater Woodside" than yesterday's map, with the A marker at the location of Woodside Store. Carl and I also drove through Huddart County Park (top left), which has some amazing views of the valley below and always stately redwoods. The entrance to Wunderlich Park is directly off route 84, the highway linking the Bay on the east to the Pacific on the west.

Some direct descendants of the Folgers who owned the Woodside estate are still in professional business in San Francisco. Folger's Coffee was acquired by Proctor & Gamble in 1963 and subsequently became the top-selling coffee brand in the United States. It subsequently merged through stock exchanges with J.M. Smucker/s.

Again, the video was taken on my HTC EVO camera.

— Webmaster Jon Kennedy



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