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Santa Teresa County Park, San Jose, Part 2

My subsequent research found that "live oak" trees are so called because they are evergreen, looking alive in winter when most oaks look dead, and they otherwise resemble deciduous trees. Though I don't recall hearing of them before I came to live in California (in 1968), they grow from Virginia throughout the south and are especially prolific in Texas. And I also learned that acorns are a favorite food item of wild turkeys, so two mysteries encountered in Part 1 (is this a live oak and, if so, where are its acorns?) are solved. Certainly encountering not only a lone wild turkey but a flock of them together was the highlight of our visit to Santa Teresa County Park.

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My dad was an inveterate hunter who decided one year to add turkeys to his annual retinue of deer, rabbits, pheasants, racoons, and foxes. His biggest Christmas present that year was a turkey call, a wooden device which, when used properly, was alleged to imitate the call of a male turkey in the mating mood. The device was accompanied by a phonograph record with audible instructions for using it. The instructor, in a southern accent, called turkeys "tekkies," so ever since when wild turkeys come to my attention, "tekkies" is the word in my mind.

And if Dad ever shot a wild tekkie, it never came to my attention.

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