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Over the mountains we go
for a Christmas tree

Jon Kennedy
Jon Kennedy    

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Clothes make the man.The naked people have little or no influence on society.

— Mark Twain


The necessity of [a bad] habit is sweet to me, and against this sweetness must I fight, lest I be enthralled by it. Thus I carry on a daily war by fasting, constantly bringing my body into subjection.

— Saint Augustine

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I apologize for not yet having a follow-up Jonal on my Thanksgiving blog. The "discussion" has been so sparse that there has been little incentive, but more importantly I've been caught in a "time sink" of buying, trying out, learning to use, and in some instances returning new equipment. Some of that even requires a rearrangement of my living space, so I've been too distracted to write, or at least that's the story I'm going to stick to. Besides, I have a backlog of two dozen-plus episodes of The Waltons to catch up with and the list gets no shorter.

But family comes first, so since I spent Saturday with son Mike and his family looking for and acquiring a Christmas tree, I'm getting the season rolling, at least, and, as this requires little cogitation (unlike our theological discussion that awaits) I'm sharing the video I took that day. It begins with a few seconds of grand-daughter Evelyn showing her temporary shyness toward the O'Pa she seldom sees. Then we stop at the neighborhood Starbucks to imbibe a little energy, and are then off into the Santa Cruz Mountains for a yule tree.

Click the play button above for the Windows Media version, or if you are on a platform that is not Windows-compatible, click here to watch the video on YouTube. Double-click to make the video above full-screen.

The "A" on the map below marks the Crest Ranch, which we reached by driving from the Seven Trees section of San Jose south on Highway 17 to Scotts Valley, then west to Ben Lomond and then up to the crest and Crest Ranch. The ranch claims to be California's oldest choose-and-cut Christmas tree farm. Doing it that way is not only more time-consuming, it is no less costly than buying a tree at a local lot or Home Depot or Lowe's (and may even cost more). But it's a family Christmas tradition for Mike, Tracy, and Evy, which I was privileged to share.

When Mike and Kevin and Chris were young we often also went to the mountains to cut our own trees.

— Webmaster Jon Kennedy