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Nanty Glo boys' baseball team, 1951

Top row: Irvin Crookshank; Clair Cook, Jr. Middle row: Joe Hrapchak; Bill Vargo; Leroy Agagliati; John Bichko; David Caldwell. Bottom row: Melvin Ray; Don O'Farrel; Bob Howard; Bill Hill; Bill Moore; Cecil Cook.

This picture was taken in 1951 on the bleachers on the second floor of the Miner's Hall. I believe there were other members of the team who didn't show up for the photo. Jim Little identified the players for me. He faithfully followed all our games even though we won only one game that year. Bob Howard was our catcher. Bill Hill pitched. Joe Hrapchack played on first. Leroy was our shortstop and I played third. I don't remember who played the other positions.

David Caldwell
January 22 2003


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